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Collectible Casino Chips

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A Great Place For Deals On Tokens, Coins    The home of weird stuff and money saving opportunities. Products include Tokens (Transportation, arcade, laundry, parking, casino, adult, stock tokens for collecting or current use, and tokens for home game enthusiasts or business owners), Foreign Coins (Wholesale lots for collectors and business), Philatelic Stamps, and U.S. & Foreign Error Coins.

Ahoychips's Home Page     We are located on Florida's West Coast and offer for sale or trade an assortment of casino gaming chips from the various day cruises as well as the poker rooms, Indian gaming rooms and dog track poker rooms. We also have other chips from around the nation.

Andy's Casino Chips & Tokens For Sale    All obsolete chips except Flamingo Casino New Orleans have sold out. Non obsoletes are still available. Thank you for your patronage.

Big Daddys Casino Chips Page     Big Daddy's Casino Chip Page.

Bob Whiteman's Home Page         I collect casino chips from around the country.

Bob's Casino Chip Trading Post    Chip Trading.

Bob's Chip Pages     I'm very new to Casino chip and token collecting, but have jumped in with both feet. My primary area of collecting is Colorado, but my collection spans from Antigua to Atlantic City, Australia to Artichoke Joe's.

Bruce's Casino Chips    Welcome to my Chip site. All chips are available for sale or trade. I collect chips from everywhere,but specialize in Atlantic City chips.  I will always trade my current Atlantic City $ 1.00 chips for current.  $ 1.00 chips from Colorado,Florida,South Dakota,Riverboat or Indian casinos  in any quantity. If you want to trade,just send me your list and let me know  how many of each chip you need.

Buying Old Casino Chips     I'm interested in purchasing obsolete casino chips from around the world to add onto my collection.

Casino Chip files    This is not a complete listing of files in the Collectibles Forum Casino Chip Library.

Casino Chip Trader     I collect casino chips!!! E-mail me if you trade. I have chips to trade & sell from Colorado, Mississippi, Nevada and South Dakota.

Casino chips    So you've been to a few casino chip collector's sites and you're wondering what the heck we're all talking about. Well, here are some terms you may have seen and an explanation of each.

Casino Chips     This is my current inventory list for trade everything on this list I will sell or trade I am at this time only looking for grand openings, and anniversaries.

Casino Chips     Click on the casino of your choice to see casino chip collection! Atlantic City Casino chips.

Casino Collector     I'm Don Lueders and I collect casino-related items, like chips, dice, cards, and advertising items related to casinos like glass ash trays and post cards. I'm a member of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collector's Club, a national organization of people who accumulate this kind of stuff. I'd be happy to discuss the hobby or to trade any of this kind of casino material. I have a trader list of chips, and will soon have a similar list for ashtrays.

Centennial Direct Casino Chips    It is our primary focus to provide the best possible Casino Chips and Collectibles for your purchase today! We stock over 5000 collector chips and we specialize in Las Vegas items. Whether for an investment or for your collection, if you have a particular item you are looking for, let us help you out. E-mail me with your request and I will get back to you ASAP.

Chequers - Casino Chips & Tokens     Welcome to Chequers!! If you collect, sell, or just enjoy casino chips and tokens Chequers is 'home'. In ChequersDirect you can have a standard collectors listing or a hypertext link (jump to) to your own website. Chequers has the latest information on new releases, book reviews, scanned graphics of special chips and lots more. Chequers best is you. If you're into chipping (or tokening), you can be a part of Chequers by listing your interests or perhaps a trade list.

Cheques in the Mail, Inc     Welcome to Cheques in the Mail, Inc.  (The First Chip Brokerage on the Web..... Imitated but Not Duplicated!)  Casino chips are becoming one of the hottest trends in collectibles. Today's current chips will definitely be tomorrow's classics. Cheques in the Mail, Inc., is the source for value and selection of current chips and tokens as well as limited editions and commemoratives. Each chip and token sold by us is in excellent shape, has been cleaned and is placed attractively in cardboard holders ready for your collection!

Chez Babs     This is Barbara's home page. I live in Vegas, and work for Mirage Resorts, Inc. Click on this picture to check it out:  I collect commemorative chips and silver premium tokens from LV casinos. I'm also a Texas Hold 'Em (poker) fanatic.

Chip Collecting Page    Welcome to my casino chip collecting page. I began collecting in the fall of 96 when I visited Vegas for the first time. At the time I worked for a local casino in Maryland as a roulette and blackjack dealer. Unfortunately the governor shut all county casinos down. I still have some local chips left to trade, so email me if interested.

CHIPCO International web site     CHIPCO specializes in gaming currency, casino poker chips, tokens, and commemorative gambling collectibles.

Chips     Here are some of the casino chips collected. This is not complete and others will be added as time permits.

Chips and Dip     Gambling and casino chips. My name is Robert Reno, I collect casino chips.I collect mainly Nevada and a little California chips... a little this a little that. It's hard not to collect a nice looking chip from anywhere. I am trying to concentrate on obsolete chips but like I said... a little this a little that. Plus I'll be happy to buy any chips you may have laying around.  I am a member of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club. R-2878

Chips One     Welcome to Chips One. Here you will find a list of all of the chips and silver strikes from Las Vegas I have for sale or trade. Browse the site and if you see anything that interests you, or if you have any chips or silver strikes form Las Vegas that you would like to sell or trade, email me.

Cobruce's Home Page     I am not a dealer . I am a collector of Casino Chips from anywhere. I can get chips from the following Casinos:
    Casino Niagra - Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
    Casino Rama - Orilla Ontario Canada
    Turning Stone - Verona, NY

Colorado Casino Chip Exchange    We strive to be your premiere source for current and obsolete Colorado casino chips and tokens. Look around our virtual store. If you don't see what you want please drop us an email. We offer a 30 day "no questions asked" guaranty. If you are not completely satisfied with you purchase, simply return it to use within 30 days of receipt and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Cool casino chips    This is a small range of photographs from some well-known London Casinos.

COTOB     Buy...Trade...Sell    Specializing in Nevada, Atlantic City, and Grand Opening chips.  Ask about our Starter Sets!

Council Bluffs, IA Casino Chips, Slot Tokens,...    Casino Chips - Tokens - Cards - Dice.

Debi's Trading Pages    All aboard to Debi's trading pages..

Don Anthony's Home Page     Welcome to my chip site; maybe some of the animations I have fun using will make you smile. If they don't, at least I tried. The important thing is, you'll find hundreds of different chips from all over the world at this site.    And, if you are a non-collector who happens to have a few older chips lying in a dresser drawer, I might possibly be interested in buying them.

Don's chip collecting    My available extra chips for trading is always changing, when I am able to add new chips to the list. The latest new chips are some new A.C.chips which you can find on my trade list, and chips from the new Casino Aztar in Evansville, Indiana. Besides all Atlantic City chips, I have chips to trade from Las Vegas and other areas of Nevada, Riverboats, Indian casinos, California,Colorado, Canada, Caribbean.

Eli's Casino Chips Available for trade    Chip trading.

Fantasy Casino Chip Selection    Fantasy Casino Chip Selection.  These are Top-of-The-Line Casino Quality Chips. These chips are inlaid and edge-spotted chips just like those used in Las Vegas Casinos. These chips are manufactured specifically for retail sale at $0.60 Cents Each. The chips are sold just as represented on these pages, no modifications or alterations can be made except where noted.

Gaming Times Magazine & Showroom     Chip collecting, win free chips.

George Conrad's Home Page    Collector - Buyer - Trader - Seller of Nevada Casino Chips

Greg Susong's CyberGuide To Casino Chips    Cyberguide to Casino Chips.

Greg's Traders     If you like chips, you're at the right place! I've been collecting chips for several years. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that "you'll never get 'em all"-- but, I'm still trying.

Hello Cincinnati     I collect old poker chips that were once made at the us playing card company in Cincinnati - Ohio

Hendley Market     Hendley Market, located in the historic Strand district of Galveston, Texas, has been in the antique business for over 15 years. This is our third year on the Net.

J. Shaw, Casino Chip & Token Collector    Welcome!! I collect casino chips and tokens from all over the US. I am interested in the $10, $20 and $40 premium silver tokens   (Silver Strikes) that are available from most casinos. I collect all $2.50 house chips, brass core and Paulson metal center chips. To a lesser extent, I also collect obsolete chips from Nevada as well as the $5 & $25 Commemorative and Limited Edition chips.

Jayson's Antiques - Gambling Chips    Jayson's Antiques "Gambling Chips"

Jim Buell's Casino Chips    Buy,Sell & Trade Washington & Las Vegas Casino Chips   Collector of Las Vegas & Reno Casino Chips also a collector of Nevada Silver Strikes.

Krider's Home Page     In cyberspace, you can virtually travel anywhere. My primary goal for creating this web page is to communicate with the vast travelers of similar interests. Some of my interests are Art, Oil Painting, Casino Chip Collecting, and Project Management. These are just a few of the many pages you will find here.

Lee's Casino Chip Trading     Welcome Traders,   Well, it's been about two years since we updated this page, so it's definitely time. We've added scans to our trade list for your viewing pleasure. The new picture you see on our page was taken on the Grand Victoria Riverboat Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana, on the Ohio River. It was great and what a fun time we had! As you might have noticed, the picture was taken by the casino host because my wife hit the Royal Flush Jackpot on the poker machine. 

Lucero's chips     I have recently become interested in collecting casino chips. My collection isn't very big now, but it's constantly growing. E-mail me if you would like to trade, or just exchange information on chips. I would appreciate any advice.

Nevada Casino Chips Web Site    The following pages have lists & scans of chips I have for sale or trade. If you don't see what you're looking for, please let me know & I'll try & get it for you.

Nevada Coin Minting - Private mint manufacturer    Nevada Coin Minting is the largest private mint in the United States serving customers worldwide. We manufacture custom coins, tokens, medallions, and commemoratives for all applications. Full color coins are now a reality with Kaleidoprint (tm), a custom minted coin featuring a full color center with an aerospace polymer coating. Special services are also available, such as gold plating, antiquing, custom sizing, custom alloying and token destruction.

Nevada Silver Premium Tokens    Randy Narramore's Nevada Silver Strikes We are currently eliminating all of our duplicates!  Check out what we have for sale before they are all gone! 

Nevada Silver Token Collector and Author    I collect and trade Casino Chips and Tokens and I am the author of "Nevada Silver Premium Gaming Tokens Price Guide" As a collector of Casino Chips I collect Celebrities such as, George Burns, Willie Mays, Paul Anka, Debbie Reynolds and Red Skelton, to name a few. I also collect CC&GTCC National Convention Chips & Tokens such as the $5 Aladdin CC&GTCC Limited Editions and Chips and Tokens of the Year.  As a Token Collector I collect only Nevada Silver Premium Gaming Tokens that are won out of the specially designated Slot machines in the casinos. I collect and trade all of the values from the $7 to $40 varieties

Olaf     Hi, my name is Olaf  I live in Northern Germany, near Bremen and Hamburg.  One of my hobbies is to collect casino chipīs around the world  I create this page to give you an overview to chipīs for trade. I have an great interest in trading ( see my trading list ) my casino chipīs with some from your collection!

Old Casino Chips Wanted--Willing to Buy    Buying old casino chips and ivory poker chips(Francais) wanted.  Old casino chips from such places as Nevada, Atlantic City, the Caribbean, or just about anywhere else.

Poker Chips On Line     Atlantic Standard Molding, Inc. Manufacturer of the original American Style Clay Chip Designing Chips for Individuals, Clubs and Casinos. Chip manufacturer and supplier.

Professional Poker & Casino Chips!    There are more styles of poker and gaming chips than there are poker games or Casinos. Fortunately, we have the best chips at the most reasonable prices. You will not find a better value, unfortunately due to space and technical restrictions we simply can not due the chips justice on these pages. However we will be expanding our chip selection in the very near future. Playing chips come in many different styles and colors. For a sample view of these chips take a look at our chip graphics displays associated with chips listed below.

R. K. Covington's Casino Chip Collecting    Chip collecting.

Ralph's Silver Strikes     I buy and trade all Nevada silver strikes

Ray Smith's Casino Chip Pit    As you can see by the masthead the Crystal Casino in Winnipeg, Manitoba,  Canada is the principal casino of this web site. Today the casino is housed on the seventh floor of the gracious Fort Garry Hotel with all the crystal chandeliers possible. A new building lies in the future. I play blackjack at all casino's but if I play seriously, I play at the Crystal Casino. I am a new collector of chips only and I am willing to trade with anyone for a chip to add to my collection. I appreciate the art and design perfection of manufacturing a desirable collectable chip and the notability of where it came from whether it be a cruise ship or a very collectable Indian casino. Collecting chips is a fun hobby. Let's keep it that way.

Sal's Page     If anyone has chips from Kings Inn Reno please E-Mail me immediately.

Scanlin Enterprises     Specializing in Casino Chips, Character Glasses & Barbie Dolls for Sale

Silver Strikes     KATZ Silver Strikes has one of the largest inventories of Casino Silver Strikes (Casino Premium Gaming Tokens) in the country. KATZ Silver Strikes is a market maker in $10 Silver Strikes (Casino Premium Gaming Tokens).

Snappers Chips.Casino Chip Collecting     Welcome to snappers chips. This page deals  with collecting casino chips, tokens and silver streaks from the Las Vegas area.

Starchip Enterprises. Collecting, trading    Welcome to Starchip Enterprises. One of the world's Premier chip sites.Visit the Cashiers Cage. There you'll find hundreds of chip & token scans. Slot card scans too. New additions page has scans of items added to my collection.I'm always looking to trade. See my trade / sale list. Plenty of good bargains left.

Steve's Casino Chips     Casino chip trading.

Steve's Chip Home Page     Welcome to Steve Piccolo's Chip Web Page! My interests are chips from Southern Nevada, Atlantic City and the Riverboat Casinos. Check my Want List! If you have any of these chips to sell or wish to buy or trade, drop me an e-mail : CHIP99C@PRODIGY.COM  and maybe we can work out a deal. I specialize in chips from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and all other Caesars properties so I'd be interested to see any and all denominations of chips from here if you have any. I'm also interested in any casino related Bicentennial items you may have. "Lets make a deal"!!!!

T. R. King & Co., Inc.     We manufacture casino chips and dice and sell various gaming supplies. We have the very best authentic gaming chips and complete gaming sets.

The Chip Chamber           Chip collecting.

The Chip Connection      Chip collecting.

The Chip Man    Scott & Estelle Hartman Welcome you to "The Chip Man's" Web Page! ...and the exciting hobby of casino chip collecting.  As an enthusiastic collector I BUY SELL and TRADE casino chips. I specialize in California and Nevada chips however I do collect interesting chips from all over the United States and world-wide. I enjoy trading with other collectors and will happily BUY SELL, and/or TRADE with you. I'm always on the lookout for surplus chips as well as complete collections.

The Trucker's Chip Stop     Welcome! The Casino Chips I have pictured here are for Trade. I will trade for anything of equal value that I do not already have. Any Chips that have "Bingo" written on them or that have a picture of a Big Truck(like the one above)or come from a Auto/Truck stop are of special interest to me. So if you see any Chips you would like to add to your collection just hit the e-mail button and make me an offer. Also check out the Links, I have some of my favorite Chip pages listed there.

Tiny Treasures     Welcome to the Tiny Treasures web site for Casino Chip & Token Collectors.  Within this site is lots of useful information for both new and experienced collectors.  Enjoy your stay and please let us know what you think.

Top's            Chip collecting.

Trade     We will make any trade that makes sense to everyone involved.  Do not hesitate to propose a trade.  If it isn't a trade that will work for us, We will tell you so.  We also expect our trading partners to tell us when a trade we propose does not work for them. No hard feelings, all trades should be a "win - win" situation for all traders involved.  So don't be afraid to propose a trade to us ! 

Travis Lewin's Poker Chip Homepage     Welcome to my homepage. I have been collecting new and antique poker chips for over 15 years. Listed here is a sample of my collection. Feel free to browse and send comments. I am always looking to buy, sell and trade.

Vegas Chips    We buy casino chips email us nobody pays more!  We have access to over 3000 different chips. So if you don't see the chip you need listed, don't be afraid to ask!  We might just have it in stock!

Vintage Vegas Casino Collectibles    Remember all the great old casinos of Las Vegas? Now, most are gone or waiting to be torn down. But here at Vintage Vegas, they live on!   Below, you'll find photos, links, and information on the chip replicas we have for sale, commemorating the historic casinos of Las Vegas.