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Adult Amateur Baseball     Adult Amateur Baseball

AIFBA - Absolute Internet Fantasy BaseBall    Welcome to the AIFBA, a truly competitive and realistic internet baseball simulation league, using Diamond Mind 7.0. AIFBA is 100% free of charge, as it is designed for the true fun of fantasy baseball. If interested in applying for any vacant teams, or to be placed on a waiting list, please send an application to AIFBA Commissioner, Fred Holland.

ASAP Baseball    Thanks for visiting ASAP Baseball. ASAP is a Fantasy Baseball Stats Service. We provide computerized scoring services for all forms of Fantasy Baseball Leagues. Supported League Formats include Rotisserie Leagues, Head-to-Head Leagues, and Points Leagues.

Baseball Fantasy Camps     Meet former major league players who will participate in our camps and bring their experience, history and love of the game to your week of Fantasy. Experience your own "Field of Dreams" and feel the "Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat." Be a Player, Umpire, Coach, or Announcer and enjoy the warmth and sunshine of Florida.

Baseball Forecaster     Welcome to the   Baseball Forecaster Home Page!  Here you will find the Baseball Forecaster program as well as  articles and links on fantasy and rotissere baseball.  If you play     fantasy or rotissere baseball and need up-to-date statistics and information on players and teams, you have come to the right place.  The Baseball Forecaster program is shareware, so functional copies are free to download.  If you desire the latest information on over 1000 players, helpful hints on how to win your league, 4 years of individual stats, and player predictions for 1998 then go to the Baseball Forecaster download page.

Baseball HQ     Baseball info for fantasy leagues.

Baseball Manager       With an $18 Million payroll you can:  • Draft your team of 28 players  • Set daily lineups and pitching rotations    • Set relief pitcher priorities  • Make trades and free agent deals  • Play 3-game series vs. rivals, just like the major leagues  • Bench your underachiev- ing star or recall your hot-hitting rookie from the minor leagues Want to manage stars like Barry Bonds, Dante Bichette, Fred McGriff, Bernie Williams, Mike Piazza? Want to try a rotation of Kevin Appier, Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson? Want to see your dream team compete daily, based on 'today's' live performances?  Well, then you'll want to play Baseball Manager, the most realistic fantasy baseball game ever invented.

Battle of the Experts @toutwars.com     Long ago, at a draft table far, far away...   ...a group of published writers decided to form a "league of experts," one that would foster a sense of community in the fantasy baseball industry.  Tout Wars was created to bring together the writers and the readers, the experts, those who consider themselves expert, and those who long to be expert. We are all an important part of this vital industry.

Bayer's Fantasy League!     Bayer's Fantasy League Stat Page

Bedlam Fantasy Baseball League    Fantasy Baseball League.

Belted Deep Baseball-Home           Stats & Info.

Berks Montgomery Chester Rotisserie Baseball    Berks Montgomery Chester Rotisserie Baseball Association

BFFL Home     Big Fly Fantasy League

Big Dog's Fantasy Baseball Page     Big Dog's Fantasy Baseball Page

Box Score Baseball     Fantasy Baseball's Biggest Hit!  As owner of your own 26 man team of actual major league ball players, you can:  Draft that minor league "can't miss" prospect.Trade that extra power hitter: you Have for that bullpen stopper you Need.   Replace that sore-armed hurler on the DL with an overlooked free agent superstar.

Bush (Rotisserie Baseball) League News     The Bush League  Connie Macks Edge for Pete's sake.

Cactus League     Cactus League  Home Page

Capital District Rotisserie League    Capital District Rotisserie League Welcome to the Web site of the CDRL. At this sight you will find everything the league rules, rankings, team histories and owner profiles, current stats and standings, a current listing of transactions, the bulletin board and just about anything else that pertains in some way to the CDRL.

CBFBLMAIN     Central Bucks Fantasy Baseball League.

Chas' Fantasy Leagues     Please Read through the League Information Pages and E-mail me if you are interested in joining.  There are no fees related to these leagues, so join and enjoy.

Chris Stoneman's Fantasy Baseball Page    Chris Stoneman's Fantasy Baseball Page

Columbine Fantasy Baseball League    Fantasy league.

Cosmic Baseball Asociation     Welcome to the Cosmic Baseball Association.  The CBA is a baseball league of the imagination. Our focus on the great game of the quadrature is more poetic than athletic. Beginning with the notion that the game of baseball is really a metaphor for the life of the mind, CBA expresses itself with the desire for and love of individual and collective creation. We hope the Cosmic Baseball Association will be experienced as an art exhibit or as an educational resource. It could also be enjoyed as just a fantasy game of the imagination played for fun and for pleasure and for laughs. Seriously.

Cracker Jack Fantasy League homepage, by RC    Cracker Jack Fantasy League

Creative Sports    Welcome to CREATiVESPORTS, your home for Fantasy Baseball and Football information. CREATiVESPORTS Fantasy Hotpages feature Lawr Michaels on baseball and Eric Stone on football, each week.

CyberSkipper Fantasy Baseball Game    You think you know the full extent of your passion for baseball...   then, along comes CyberSkipper™   and your perspective changes...

Desert Fantasy Baseball League Headquarters    Welcome to the Desert Fantasy Baseball League Headquarters!

Design Depot Baseball Board Games Baseball     The Last Word in Realism in Baseball computer games and Baseball board games from the designer of Pursue the Pennant. Games Magazines Best News Sports Game For 1996.

DH Sucks Fantasy Baseball League     Welcome to the   DH Sucks  Fantasy Baseball Page Established 1992  Your site for all the latest standings, statistics and rosters for the DH Sucks Fantasy Baseball League.

DMB Fantasy League Baseball     Welcome to the Computer Baseball League home page. Check here for all the latest statistics and information regarding the CBL.

Draft Champs    Fantasy Baseball Winners Guide.

Ed Miller's TMM Rotisserie Baseball League    The Taylor Mayfield Memorial Rotisserie Baseball League (TMMRBL) is the oldest continuously running rotisserie baseball league in North America, if not the world. While we enjoy the fame and fortune our long history has brought us, the real point of our league is competition. Our managers draft, reserve, waive and claim actual Major League Baseball players in an effort to win 5 offensive and 5 defensive categories.

Fanlink - the most comprehensive source     Baseball Info.

Fantasy Baseball by Simbeck     Business Description:  Fantasy Baseball by Simbecks' Prep Sheet will be the only source you will need to draft a truly successful team. Greg will not only give you his top 100 fantasy picks, but also the best players at each position, and the hottest rookies. You will benefit from Greg's ten years of Fantasy Baseball experience to help you draft a team that will make you the envy of your league. And all of this for only $10. Greg will mail or fax you your draft prep sheet in time for your league draft. So don't hesitate. Mail your check today to receive all the information you will need to become a World Series Champion. Order today!

Fantasy baseball leagues by Fantasy Sports    If you love sports, Congratulations, you’ve just found your favorite site! TCG Sports, in association with hundreds of sports junkies, has developed the premier stop on the Web for the no-nonsense sports fan. You’re going to love what we have to offer!   •Direct links to the information you crave •Links to the best Fantasy Leagues, information and services on the Web •College and Pro Football Picks of the week. •Unique games to play other than Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Fan Baseball     Free Fantasy Baseball Draft Help - Who doesn't need help with their draft? Fantasy Fan Baseball Draft Guide gives you the most extensive Free draft coverage on the internet including three year statistical analysis, our top 100 players in each league, rankings by position, category leaders, and more. If you can find better Free draft coverage then use it.

Fantasy Sports Services provides Stats   Fantasy Sports Services    Huntsville, AL
Email: FantasySport@ardmore.net   Football, Basketball, Baseball

Four Horsemen's FOP Football Office Pool     Welcome to Four Horsemen Software, Inc.  We specialize in Office Pool software.  You can run your Football, Hockey, Basketball, or Baseball Pool right over the web at our www.worldpools.com web site or download our FOP '98 for Windows to run your Football Office Pool on your network. Running your Office Pool has never been this easy and playing in it has never been this much fun!

FunBets, the FREE Stock Market Game.  FunBets is where you compete head to head against other players to win thousands in cash and prizes! ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS ARE HERE !  You start with 1,000,000 Fun Bet Dollars in your account and direct access to our trading floor. Buy and Sell shares on real life events to accumulate points. Each week we offer hundreds of events for you to bet on. Place bets on the stock market, sporting events, even who is going to win the Box Office this weekend!  It's FREE, Just open an account and start trading!

G&S Software Handicapping     G&S Software's Handicapping Software Entrance  Our NFL handicapping software programs Pro Football Edge! and Pro Basketball Edge! (NBA) provide NFL and NBA matchup statistics useful for handicapping and predicting winners against Las Vegas point spreads.   With a 15 year database of game stats, scores, and spreads, you can view NFL Team Trends, NFL League Trends, Historical Matchups, Computer Picks, Rankings, and Power Ratings. All of which are useful in predicting Pool Picks, Side Picks against the spread, and OverUnder (point total) predictions. We also provide a pick service for both the NFL and NBA.

Gametime Sports Company Overview    The extreme Pitcher Challenge Concept.  By popular demand, game time sports has expanded their Sports contest base by bringing you a Brand New game - - The Extreme Pitcher Challenge! It's our Baseball entry into the contest genre. However, we have tried to "live up" to our motto in being the Your Innovative Contest Provider by continually offering contests in the non-traditional format.

How to Value Players for Rotisserie® Baseball    Get the Edge Over Your Roto Rivals with Art McGee's book  "How to Value Players for Rotisserie® Baseball"   This 136-page paperback reveals a totally new approach to calculating the best player values for your draft or auction. Art McGee applies concepts from economics, finance, and statistics to develop a pricing method that far surpasses any other published. His method is highly sophisticated, yet McGee explains it in terms that any fantasy baseball owner can understand and apply.

Infinite Monkey Systems, Inc. Makers of Baseball Mogul     Baseball Mogul (the award winning original) is on sale again! Baseball Mogul is the winner of Computer Gaming World's Sports Game of the Year award! Free demo.

Jason's Baseball League Website     This is the official website for 2 baseball leagues that I currently participate in. Western Mountains Mainly Baseball League is a fantasy baseball league that I have been involved with for 4 years now and Century Baseball League, which is a APBA baseball league that I have managed a team in for the past 2 seasons.

John Benson    John Benson's Official Rotisserie Baseball Challenge consists of 25-team leagues which vie for league prizes as well as the overall grand prize. Each entry received is randomly grouped with other entries to form 25-team leagues. All teams compete for the overall grand prize money. Each team has a 23-player starting lineup that cannot exceed a $260 value cap. Fantasy Baseball league

John Mosey's Fantasy Baseball Home Page     Fantasy baseball info.

Lance's Simulations featuring the Intl Fantasy Baseball League    Fantasy Baseball league

Missing Pizza Baseball League     The Missing Pizza Rotisserie Baseball League is in its third consecutive year of existence.  It originally began in 1992 as a NL league run by Eric Johnson.   After the 1994 strike, the league disbanded for the 1995 season.  I revived it in 1996 as an AL league, and it's been running full tilt ever since.  Four of the current owners have been members of the league since 1992.

MSNBC Fantasy Baseball Challenge     Fantasy league.

Ohio Valley Fantasy Baseball League    Ohio valley fantasy baseball league.

Our rotisserie league home page    That d.a.m.n. Rotisserie League is a 13 team National League Rotisserie Ultra League. The league was founded in 1987 at the University of Florida College of Law. The league is now headquartered in Atlanta, GA. How tough is our league? In May, 1998, Mike Piazza was traded from the Florida Marlins to the New York Mets for 3 relatively unknown prospects. All 3 prospects were on a 40 man roster in our league!

Planetary Boundary Layer League       The Planetary Boundary League.  The League of Turbulence!  Founded 8 April 1996 AD

Player Projections Free Fantasy Baseball    Free draft prep software now available.  Since 1988 the leader in draft prep software   Welcome to our no frills, no slow loading pictures or icons site! Just hard data for the hardened fantasy player who wants info fast

PSSL - Puget Sound Sports League fantasy baseball    Welcome to the 1998 edition of the PSSL home page. The PSSL is currently in its seventh year. If you are not a member of the PSSL but would like to participate next year, please check out our PSSL Rulebook, and then drop me a line at conquest@wolfenet.com and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Quantum Stats Inc    Software for Baseball Welcome to Quantum Stats Inc.  We have spent the winter working on Kabaloosh 98, our Software for Fantasy Baseball.  It keeps getting better.  Now, you can play at home, or put your league on you very own web site.  You will have a chat room, a place to post messages, and daily updates of the standings.  We offer unlimited categories--and you can  create your own if we don’t list it in our default settings.

RJL    Sports Software and Stats

Rotisserie Baseball     Essential Roto Baseball Links  Rotisserie Baseball Information

Rotisserie Baseball Stats Service - Allstar Stats     Allstar Stats is America's leading service for rotisserie and fantasy baseball, basketball, football and hockey leagues. We use state-of-the-art technology to run your league smoothly and professionally. You form the league - we provide the reports.

Rutech Software    Our goal at RUTECH Software is to provide the best handicapping software at a reasonable price. Each season every program is reviewed and improved upon for the next season since, as you know, many things change in sports from year to year. We have been developing sports handicapping software here in Las Vegas for sports services and now the general public since 1979. We don't make any claims about 90% winners or get-rich claims. But we do offer some great handicapping tools to help you seek out the high probability plays which will make your sports handicapping easier and more enjoyable.

Sports Handicapping Software By PDS Sports     Software Products

Sweet Bodice League Home Page     Sweet Bodice League's Custom Stats Page

Twilight Fantasy League Baseball      Welcome to theTwilight Fantasy League Baseball Home Page. If you are a guest to the Twilight Fantasy League check out the the Links sections, and if you are looking for some live check baseball action out the Audio Links.

Unnamed Rotisserie Baseball League     Unnamed Rotisserie Baseball League

USA Today   Baseball Weekly Internet Challenge     The 1998 Baseball Weekly® Internet Challenge consists of 25-team leagues which vie for weekly and league prizes as well as the overall grand prize. Each entry received is randomly grouped with other entries to form 25-team leagues. All teams in all leagues compete for the overall grand prize money. Each team has a 28-player starting line-up that cannot exceed a $30,000,000 salary cap.