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Hockey Competitions


Al Arbour Hockey League     Welcome to The Al Arbour Hockey League Homepage  The AAHL is an FHL simulated fantasy hockey league created for the purpose of only fun. The AAHL encourages all GM's to Participate as much as possible. Any Trades, Questions or Requests to Join?, send it to:  Doug at: dkerr1@oswego.edu

Alexandria Fantasy Hockey League    Alexandria Fantasy Hockey League

American Fantasy Hockey Federation     American Fantasy Hockey Federation

BayZONE Online     Fantasy hockey info.

BHFHL       It is my sad duty to inform you that due to several factors, I will not be able to do the BHFHL this season. While I will have significantly less time this year to work on the BHFHL, that is not the reason why I am not able to properly administer it.

BNHL -- Home Page     Boozeday Night Hockey League

Boozeday Games    With the introduction of the Boozeday Night Hockey League, Boozeday broke the ice with it's unique brand of fantasy hockey some three years back.

CAHA Fantasy Hockey League     The Canadian American Hockey Association

Canadian Fantasy Hockey League     Welcome to the Canadian Fantasy Hockey League. This is a new HLS2 based hockey league. It was created for the purpose of having a realistic and demanding, yet fun and interesting hockey league. The CFHL is for the true, elite hockey fan whose interest in the sport goes well beyond following the NHL in the paper who wants the thrill and excitement of running a team in a realistic league. We go beyond just drafting a team and sending in lines, this league has trades, entry drafts and so much more. All the information you need to find can be located in the CFHL Rules. The IRC channel is #CFHL on the undernet.

Canadian Stats Hockey League     Welcome to the CSHL, the one of the top leagues on the net and also a member of the IFHC, the elite organization of fantasy hockey. Our President is also the voted head chairman of the IFHC.   The CSHL has made a nice transition to the FHL engine and we have simmed 11 season and counting with HLS2 and FHL. With 40 members and 3 leagues, the CSHL universe is very realistic but still offers fun events.

Canuck's Fantasy Hockey League    Unprotected farm rosters now  available for your perusal.

CDHL An NHL based fantasy hockey league     Fantasy Hockey league.

CFHL    The Canadian Fantasy Hockey League (CFHL) was created in September 1998 by Joe MacDonald and Bryon15. The CFHL is a League based on the NHL standings. There will be 3 players on each team (2 skaters, and one goalie). Feel free to browse the site and become part of our mailing list. We will have CFHL news on this and other news from around the NHL. The League will start on Friday, October 9th, the 1st day of regular season action.

CGHL - Confederation Guelph Hockey League    Confederation Guelph Hockey League  Updated: November 1st, 1998    The World's Premiere Fantasy Hockey League Experience

Columbus Penguins Official Home Page    Welcome to the:  Official Home Page of the   Columbus Penguins

Cornwall Fantasy Hockey League     Welcome to the 98/99 Edition of the  Cornwall Fantasy Hockey League!

Creative Links & Graphics/Pure Internet Hockey    The PIHL is a "Rotissiere" style fantasy hockey league. Unless you happen to have a few million dollars laying around, the PIHL is probably as close as you'll ever get to owning your very own NHL hockey team!  League members draft, trade, waive, pickup free agent players and watch for injuries. Basically, you perform all the duties a real NHL GM performs. It is actually very easy to participate and tremendous fun!

DFHL Home Page     DFHL  Welcome to the Dryden Fantasy Hockey League Home page. A fun fantasy hockey league using HLS2

Doug's Fantasy Hockey Classifieds    This site will work in conjunction with Timothy Chan's UnOfficial Fantasy Hockey League Listings to promote fantasy hockey leagues. Although this site is relatively new, it borrows from the idea of Mark's Fantasy Sports Classifieds. I will be doing listings for people looking to join leagues and leagues looking for people. But when you use this site for your use, please be kind enough to link it to your web site and feel free to pass on the word to friends. Just a thought...

Drive for the Cup     This season we've launched five brand new games for NHL.com and the start the 1998-99 NHL season.

EHL    Welcome to the EHL homepage  The EHL is the premier fantasy hockey league on the Internet.  There are 8 teams in the EHL, divided into two divisions. The Toronto St Pats, The Hamilton Tigers, The Detroit Cougars and The Chicago Black Hawks are in the Lord Grey Division, while The Montreal Canadiens, The Montreal Maroons, The Boston Bruins and The Ottawa Senators are in the Prince of Wales Division.  New Statistics Page has been added.

Electronic Fantasy Hockey League     Electronic Fantasy Hockey League

EXtreme Internet Hockey League       Extreme Internet Hockey League   "Be Mean, Be Tough, Go to the EXTREME = XIHL Championship"--XIHL  Welcome to the eXtreme Internet Hockey League homepage. The XIHL is a fantasy hockey league where you the average citizen can own a franchise team and perform the duties of a real General Manager (GM) for your team. Such duties include the trading of players, waivers, line changes, etc. The players and coaches used in this league come from real NHL player and coaches with varies stats of their skill level. You control your teams future!

Eye Of Ice     Welcome to the eye of ice fantasy hockey league page.

Fantasy Hockey     Welcome to the 1997-98 FHL Season

Fantasy Hockey     HockeyPool

Fantasy Hockey     Fantasy Hockey

Fantasy Hockey International        Welcome to the Fantasy Hockey International web site! The league is in its first year, and we have just finished signing up participants. If you would like to get on the FHI wait-list in the event that an owner can no longer support his/her team, send email to Earl, the commissioner.

Fantasy Hockey League     Welcome to the Fantasy Hockey League  Where you can have any man of the NHL on your team,  A Simulator found nowhere else on the Web and computerized HTML Updates.

Fantasy Hockey League     Fantasy Hockey League

Fantasy Hockey League     Official 1997-1998 Fantasy Hockey League Home Page  Scott Loves Jenn V.

Fantasy Hockey League     Welcome to my Fantasy Hockey League Website.  Stats will be done on a weekly basis (Saturday) through Thursday's games. Roster moves must be made by Friday 12:00pm (no exceptions, noon is the deadline!).

Fantasy Hockey Pool     The fee for this pool is $10.  Please make cheque or money order payable to Internet Kent. You may also use the pay through PC/telephone banking system. . So if you bank at: TD, Royal, CIBC, Nova Scotia or National Trust, you can pay that way. Ask your bank for details.  If you wish to pay by snail-mail, please send it to:   Internet Kent
425 James St.  Wallaceburg, Ontario

Fantasy Hockey Report             Fantasy Hockey Report

Fantasy Hockey St. Louis Style     Welcome to the most ass-kicking', bone-crushing, "chew 'em up and spit 'em out" league in the Nation!   Check here for up to the minutes information on Fantasy Hockey St. Louis Style!

Fantasy Leagues     HockeyCity: Fantasy Leagues

FHL     Fantasy Hockey League 1997-1998

Four Horsemen's FOP Football Office Pool     Welcome to Four Horsemen Software, Inc.  We specialize in Office Pool software.  You can run your Football, Hockey, Basketball, or Baseball Pool right over the web at our www.worldpools.com web site or download our FOP '98 for Windows to run your Football Office Pool on your network. Running your Office Pool has never been this easy and playing in it has never been this much fun!

FunBets, the FREE Stock Market Game.  FunBets is where you compete head to head against other players to win thousands in cash and prizes! ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS ARE HERE !  You start with 1,000,000 Fun Bet Dollars in your account and direct access to our trading floor. Buy and Sell shares on real life events to accumulate points. Each week we offer hundreds of events for you to bet on. Place bets on the stock market, sporting events, even who is going to win the Box Office this weekend!  It's FREE, Just open an account and start trading!

Global Fantasy Hockey United Front Desk    Nate Lee Memorial Hockey Union   26 Teams, All Around the World, HLS2-Simmed   Currently we have: 2 teams available

H2O - Fantasy Web Hockey     Welcome to the H20 Hockey League.... we are entering our third season and looking forward to many more...... We use FHL. A sim by Sean Bates.

Hockey     Adam Drake Fantasy Hockey League, 1997-1998  Hey Kids! Welcome to the page! This is where all the info will be, including league standings, individual players stats and, of course the transaction page. Now, the real question is who is going to be the new Josh Potts.

Hockey     The Midseason Hockey league will begin on December 18th.  Anyone who was unable to make the Regular season can still get in on all the excitement.  We are going to run this league as a single bid auction league for more info on what this is please see the Basketball Home page for an explanation until I can get the Rules posted.  You can register your team for the mid league anytime until December the 10th.  Just stop by the Registration page and fill out the form or leave e-mail to the Commissioner. Everything Else will run roughly the same as the Regular league.  So checkout the rest of this page and see what you think.  If you have any comments or questions about any changes we are making or any suggestion you would like to make about things you would like to see changed let us know.  

Hockey/Avalanche Page     Sanman's NHL and Colorado Avalanche Page!!

Hockey Pool - Contests and prizes    I wanted to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to this year's challenge. We haven't let the heat of summer slow the pace here at Frozen Domain and now that fall has brought a harvest of NHL players fresh for the picking, we can't help but be excited about the launch of this year's contest.

Hockey Report     Info for Hockey fantasy leagues.

IFHA     Hello, and welcome to the International Fantasy Hockey Association (I.F.H.A.) home page! Here at I.F.H.A. we are dedicated to providing quality and quantity in the service we offer to you. As we continue in our quest to offer the Ultimate in Sports Realism we hope you will give us a try for a season or two.

Interstate Hockey Association     Interstate Hockey Association

Jason's Free Hockey Fantasy League!!    Hey folks! If you like hockey and want to join a Free Fantasy Hockey League, all you have to do is read this information!   How it works is this:  1. It is free 2. It is fun   You give me your e-mail address and you will be on my list. I will then send more information out to everyone on the list.

JLHL     Welcome to the JLHL Homepage!  This is a fantasy hockey league using NHL '98 from EA Sports to simulate games.  Currently we are still looking for a few good GM's for spaces expected to be opening in the next few weeks. We are just about ready to start our 2nd Season.

L:I:S:A:L:A:N:D     Welcome to LisaLand. This is my personal website, along with being the headquarters for the Good-Looking Players Fantasy Hockey League. I've been revamping the site, so if it doesn't look familiar, it's okay. You're at the right site!

LCS Hockey    Don't have time to keep tabs on the NHL every day? No problem. Our award-winning magazine recaps the week that was in the NHL through an assortment of timely features, in-depth team-by-team reports, statistics, and breaking news. Read the latest issue online or download the text edition.

Liam Maguire's NHL Hockey Trivia     Liam Maguire's NHL Hockey Trivia  Do you think you know your hockey trivia? Maybe you're just a big fan but never really gave much time to all the names and numbers that make up the great game of hockey. Well you're in for a big treat folks. In my home page you will be able to play a little trivia. Also on a monthly basis prizes will be awarded to the top 2 winners of the month. You cannot win the prizes two months in a row, this way other people can win. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it !

Loser Fantasy Hockey League     Loser   Fantasy   Hockey   League   welcomes   You!  I am new at this, but I am surprised at the rarity of a good fantasy hockey league, not to mention a free one.

Mike's Ultimate Fantasy League    Hello all you fantasy hockey lovers...welcome to the MUFHL!!! This is by far the best fantasy hockey league on the net that uses APBA 3.0. We are currently in our inaugural season and have no openings for new General Managers but why not get on the waiting list. Unlike other leagues my waiting list does not go by the order that it is shown it goes by me sending out an email to each member of the waiting list and the first one to respond gets the vacancy.

Mr. Shark's Fantasy Hockey     Mr. Shark's Fantasy Hockey

MSNBC FantasyHockey     Fantasy Hockey league

My Fantasy Hockey Teams Page     Welcome to my fantasy hockey teams page. From this page you cango on to the special team from the league you're in.

National Independent Fantasy Hockey League    Welcome to the new and the best hockey league on the 'net! Below are all of the links you will need to either run your team or sign up as a gm. If you would like to join the NIFHL (National Independent Fantasy Hockey League), view the Owners Page to see what teams are available and e-mail the commissioners at NIFHL@hotmail.com or you can contact him via ICQ# 5697011. Even though this league is now full, you can sign up onto the Waiting List

NHLPage/Fantasyteam     Welcome to the home of the CHL Montreal TITAN

Nonantum Hockey League     The Nonantum Hockey League

Old Tyme Hockey League Home Page     The OTHL is a 20-team APBA computer hockey league, competing in the spirit of Eddie Shore and Reg Dunlop. We've got teams in six states and two provinces. Check the OTHL FAQ to see what the league is all about and our policy on vacancies.

On the Net Fantasy Hockey League     On the Net  Fantasy Hockey League  At this time there are no longer any positions left for managers. If you would like your name place on the waiting list, e-mail me with your name and e-mail address. on_the_net_fhl@hotmail.com

Online Hockey Fantasy League     Welcome to the Online Hockey Fantasy League where you call the shots. You get to make the trades, do the budget, and manage your team to the playoffs. For only 5 Canadian dollars you get to manage a 30 million dollar budget to draft the players of your choice with the winners receive hundreds of dollars in prizes.  You also have the choice to go into the regular league for 5 Canadian dollars or you can take the chance in the Premiere league for 10 Canadian dollars.

Original6 Fantasy Hockey League     Original6 Fantasy Hockey League

P.R.H.L. Fantasy Hockey League     President: Paul Gasparetto and Vice President: Marcel Prevost   What Its All About  Welcome to the Paul And Roger's Hockey League (P.R.H.L). One of the most realistic fantasy hockey leagues around. You are about to become the owner, general manager, coach, trainer, waterboy and public address announcer of your own fantasy hockey team. You will draft your team from the rosters of the NHL and then, each weekend, match your best line-up against another fantasy team in a head-to-head contest. Points will be awarded based upon how the actual NHL player does in certain statistical categories.

Pimp Of Hockey's Fantasy Hockey Pool    Pimp Of Hockey's Fantasy Hockey Leauge

Planet Hockey Fantasy Services     Planet Hockey Fantasy Services  The future of fantasy hockey games is now!

PMNHL Franchise - Harryville Hazard    Proud Member of the PMNHL Fantasy Hockey League   Warning! Hazard Area!  1997-1998 PMNHL McCartney Cup Champions!   •Welcome to the Hazard Area. The Harryville Hazard are the most prestigious, traditional, and successful PMNHL Franchise.

Pro Fantasy Hockey League    Pro Fantasy Hockey League

Puck Stuff: Fantasy Hockey     Fantasy Hockey.

Puckboy's Hockey Startpath     Welcome to the Profile Fantasy Hockey League, Please feel free to look around and apply if you think that this is the league for you.

Raven Fantasy Hockey League     Raven Fantasy Hockey League

RFHL     Hey Everybody! Welcome to my fantasy hockey league. It is  Hosting  8 teams as of right now. But at the end of the year we may expand. So if you want in e-mail me below.  1st ever RFHL Champ has been Declared!!

RFHL: Red Light Fantasy Hockey League    Red Light Fantasy Hockey League, Owner Bruno Laganière

Rink Rats - Rink Rats    Sign Up Now for Rink Rats Contest #4!   Drop the gloves! It's time to play Rink Rats, the full-contact Free hockey pick 'em game that let's you flaunt your knowledge of the NHL and test your ability to predict who'll emerge victorious in some of the season's biggest games.

RJL    Sports Software and Stats

Rosters    9 Guys Fantasy League  A Fantasy Hockey League in the Pittsburgh area comprised of, you guessed it, 9 Teams

Sam's Fantasy hockey League    Sam's Fantasy hockey League

Sauvé's Fantasy Hockey League    Welcome to SAUVÉ's Fantasy Hockey League  Some Features Of This League:   •26 team league •Full stat coverage of points, injuries, overall standings, point leaders etc... •Salaries and budgets •Constant updated stats (no waiting around) •The simulator is the HLS2 program using the HLS2 editor and possibly the League Manager.  There is currently 4 leagues available:   League A ($10) League B ($15) League C ($25) League D ($50)

SEN1 Fantasy Hockey League     Tape up your stick and sharpen your skates, the SEN1 Fantasy Hockey League is about to begin. Select from over 200 Pro Hockey Players to create the ultimate hockey team. Then, set your boys loose on the ice against the other members of the league. Full colour photos and player stats are available for your viewing pleasure. We've even designed custom hockey jerseys for you to outfit your whole team. So, what are you waiting for? Why not Join the League today!

Shoot the puck     Welcome to my home pages. This is all my hockey games and links.    I have links to my   Fantasy Hockey Games  IFHL, WIHL, FOFHL are NHL Based Fantasy Hockey Games STP (Shoot The Puck) is a UK Based Hockey Game

SMFHL     Sam's Fantasy Hockey League

Sports Handicapping Software By PDS Sports     Software Products

SportsUpdates    Welcome to    Sports Updates.  There are Four main areas in this site. Please visit all of them to learn about the exciting and innovative hockey pool updating service we provide.

Supreme Internet Hockey League     Welcome to the Supreme Internet Hockey League (SIHL) homepage. The SIHL is a cool, exciting fantasy hockey league, based on real-life NHL hockey players. The SIHL started as a hockey pool for the 94/95 season in the NHL. Fate took over, and the lockout occurred. Well instead of throwing away the pool, the pool was converted into a fantasy hockey league (January 1995). The SIHL is now in it's 4th season, and has emerged as one of the best fantasy hockey leagues on the 'Net!

Surge Fantasy Hockey    Surge Fantasy Hockey

Sympatico Hockey pool     Fantasy hockey League

TFHL    Welcome to the TFHL Hockey League web pages! This page is your starting point to tons of info about the TFHL , from Standings & Stats, Trades, Schedules, Game Results, Records, Awards and Past Season Results. Its hard to believe but we are in our 6th Season. Each team also has their own page where you can view their season stats and their team records. We have 24 teams but we are always accepting new GM Applications for our waiting list. The Head Office is located in Walkerton, Ontario. The games are played via a hockey simulator called Hockey League Simulator 2, and certain league functions are run via a sister program called Hockey League Manager.

The CycWard (SSFHL - Main Page)     The Section 60 Fantasy Hockey League (SSFHL) is a fantasy league using NHL hockey players and simulated on a computer with the FACEOFF Hockey software.  The SSFHL is only for FUN!  Currently, GM's are all people that sit in Section 60, but will possibly expand to include others wanting to play.  (Watch for details when/if this becomes available) 

Ultimate Fantasy Hockey    This site will be used to track the league's stats and standings, as well as to poke fun at the pitiful owners whose teams consistently find themselves buried in the basement.  (editor's note:  not specifically directed at Todd or Bob)

Vancouver Orcas Homepage     The Vancouver Orcas are a fantasy hockey team that play in the Simulated Pro Hockey League. (SPHL)

WFHA's Penticton Panthers     Welcome to the Official Page of the World Fantasy Hockey Association's Penticton Panthers and the Tyro Fantasy Hockey Association's Calgary Vipers.  This page is dedicated to bringing you, the fans, the latest news on the newest WFHA and TFHA Teams.  The Panthers were established in 1998 and play in "The Panther's Liar" which holds 20,000 screaming spectators, while the Vipers were also created in 1998 and they perform in the "Snake Pit" which can contain 20,000 rooting fans.

WFHL--Weston Fantasy Hockey League     Fantasy hockey League

World Wide APBA Hockey League     Welcome to the World Wide APBA Hockey League Homepage. The WWAHL is a 20 team hockey simulation league using the APBA Pro Hockey Game. Congratulations to the Bathurst Bloodsuckers for the 1997-98 Regular Season and Playoff Championships.

World Wide Fantasy Hockey League     Fantasy hockey League

WWHL Fantasy Hockey League     WWHL Fantasy Hockey League   This is a totally free fantasy hockey league.

YYZ Fantasy Hockey League         YYZ Fantasy Hockey League