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Sports Competitions


A Link To Basketball, Baseball, Football    Sports Schedules   Don't Miss A Game!   The NFL Football Server   Tons Of NFL Info!   Fantasy Football Online    Best Fantasy Football On The Net!     NBA News    Latest News On The NBA!   NCAA College Basketball   Love College Basketball?   Major League Baseball  

A Sain World                       Sports Fantasy League info

A Sports Gamer Heaven     Hockey and Baseball league.

Absolute Fantasy Sports Leagues         Absolute Fantasy Sports Leagues offer an unbeatable on-line sports fantasy experience. Whether you plan to be the General Manager, President, or Executive Fantasy Stud(ette), create your ultimate sports team and then sit back and watch the $$$ roll in as you demolish your competition. Our leagues don't have as much glitz as the big boys, but we offer everything you could possibly need to try to out-manage the other owners in your league for a sweet return on your money. The cool thing is that we take care of all the boring details while you're busy having all the fun. Furthermore, we don't have flashy advertisements that eat up download times, so you can manage your team quickly and save on expensive connect times. If we've piqued your curiosity, please check out one of our demos and sign up if our leagues meet your stamp of approval.

Adam's Home Page       I am the proud owner of the Albany Strap Hangers which is my team in the RHL, an awesome hockey simulator league.  I maintain the FHL Home Page, a rotisserie hockey league.   Check out the ARHL, my new APBA 3.0 Fantasy Hockey League!  And the FFL, my annual keeper league Rotisserie Football League!

All Modem Sports Home Page          If you love Fantasy Sports & Computer Sports Simulations  then you’ve found the right place!!!   When you own an All Modem League Sports franchise you take on two roles:  General Manager and On-the-Field/Game Day Coach

All-Pro Software - Stat Tracking and Scheduling      Take the "hassle" out of tracking stats and   scheduling.  Easiest to use stat tracking and scheduling software!   Lifetime 100% unconditional money-back guarantee!  Free technical support from our friendly staff!  Order (download software NOW) on our secure server or call us!

All Scoresheet Sports - Fantasy Baseball     Scoresheet Fantasy Sports  the most realism, the most fun

Big Apple Sports Franchises - Fantasy Baseball         Big Apple Sports has been in business since 1985. We have a steady clientele of over 1000 satisfied owners that come back year after year to participate in our Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Hockey leagues.

Big Guy Sports Network    Sports Monitor and Sportsbook Simulation   Big Guy offers visitors the opportunity to review some very worthwhile sports information. As a monitor of sporting selections, you may view the documented results of the numerous pay services and websites we monitor. In addition, you can also get a fix on public opinion from the players in our virtual sportsbook. To better understand how you can make the best use of this site, continue reading.

Big Stick Software's Wintisserie Fantasy Sports     Don't spend your precious free time doing stats by hand and typing up reports!  Let us do the tedious stuff so you can start enjoying your league again!  This is what Fantasy League Management is all about!  Even if you only spend one hour per week managing your league, we can save you money!    The great thing about our service is you get to run your league your way!  You define your rules, rosters, scoring and fees the way you want.  You pay only one fee - there are no additional or hidden costs!  To see what we offer, click on our Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Hockey or Rotisserie Baseball links.

Board Games and Computer Sports Games. Hockey...    •Hockey •Baseball •Football •Basketball •See great teams tournament!  •See Additional Strat Hockey Rule.

Brew City      Welcome to Brew City Fantasy Sports.   Our mission is to bring you the best run, most enjoyable Fantasy Leagues, while making the world a little smaller.We are set for another exciting year of non-stop fantasy sports. At Brew City we believe that fantasy sports is more than winning and losing but meeting new friends and staying in touch with old ones. This is why at Brew City we offer the most interactive fantasy sports web site on the Internet, offering real time chat and the use of ICQ to communicate with the rest of your league members.

Brew City Fantasy Football League     Your League's New Home on the Internet  Click on the image of the sport you would like to visit. Baseball    Football    Basketball     Hockey    BCFFL  Brought to you by the Brew City Fantasy Football League

Brian Hansen's Sports Page '98          For the Ultimate in Fantasy Sports try this site.

BubbaPuck Sports The finest in sports        Hey Sports Fans... BubbaPuck Sports has designed the most realistic and inexpensive fantasy sports league ever! You draft the team, make cuts, and sign free agents. Every decision making aspect of the team is yours! Put your managerial skills to the test. Who will you choose to replace an injured Barry Bonds this late in the season? You must also decide on keeping either an unreliable Drew Bledsoe, or cut him to make enough room under the salary cap to sign Steve Young. You may taste the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat. Either way you are a winner because You're the boss!!!   Whether you choose Hakeem Olajuwan or Jaromir Jagr, BubbaPuck Sports has

Budman.Com         Welcome to Budmans.Com    Home of Budman's Rotisserie Sports   Rotisserie Sports:  Rotisserie Baseball     Rotisserie Basketball   Fantasy Football  Fantasy Golf  Football Pool

Buster's Fantasy Sport's. Nothing to download        Buster's Fantasy Sports   Fantasy Racing  Fantasy Football

Champion Fantasy Sports Challenge: fantasy sports       Take advantage of CFSC's Innovative and Affordable  Fantasy Sports products and services:  and get ready for a whole New World of Exciting Fantasy Sports Competition!  Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

Chuck DeCarbo / StatMen / Sports Fantasy Games     Fantasy Sports

Commish's Homepage    Da Commish's Fantasy Sports Central

Commissioner.COM The Future of Fantasy Sports     Coming soon.

CORE Fantasy Leagues     Welcome to the Cleveland Ohio Rotisserie Experience Web Page!  We're a group of buds and co-workers who have started up a fantasy baseball and football league.  The baseball and football leagues were a success in their inaugural seasons.   Baseball / Football

CSW Online    CSW Online provides access to scores, injury and weather reports, player and team statistics, fantasy statistics, boxscores, the Las Vegas line updated throughout the day. A multitude of information is available on your favorite teams and players, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, all with a computer and an Internet provider.

CyberSports Home Page    Welcome to the CyberSports Fantasy Sports Network by PAS Software. We aim to deliver the best technology for fantasy sports related activities. Whether it be statistics, software, or web-related content, the CyberSports Fantasy Sports Network is your source.

Don Wozniak's Home Page     Stats and fantasy leagues.

Doofy Fantasy Basketball League    Welcome to one of the best fantasy leagues available on the net! You will have an option of joining one of the league running or even all of the leagues running if you choose.  Fantasy Leagues Available •Basketball •Football  Standings  Playoff Picture •Baseball •Hockey

Dr. Stats Fantasy Sports    Win your league! Get all the information you need all season long to dominate your fantasy football league. Dr. Stats Fantasy Football Insider is the #1 tool on the Internet. The Insider includes weekly match-up evaluations focusing on who to play and who to bench. You also get access to our player database to find out how players have performed historically against their upcoming opponent. You also get player projections, player news and injury information and our in-depth articles. Click here for more information.

Draft Guru -- Fantasy Sports, NFL & NBA Draft    The Only Year Round Updated, Draft Analysis and Fantasy Rankings Service ! ! !  Updated regularly, The Draft Guru provides the most fanatic fan with all the information needed to dominate any NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB Fantasy League. The Guru also gives you the most comprehensive draft rankings and projections for both the NFL and NBA drafts.  Stop surfing for draft information. Stop Listening to the Kiper's, Buchsbaum's and Monter's.  Just bookmark the Draft Guru. Eight comprehensive services in one.

Express Stats    Welcome to the home page of Express Stats. Click on the sports icon you are interested in, or visit the links below to find out more about Express Stats, Rotisserie Baseball, and what we are all about.

Eye Net Sports    Welcome to the Eye Net Fantasy Sports   Hockey, Football, Basketball, and Baseball. To learn more about Eye Net Sports just go to the about us section of our WWW site.   If you would like to sign up for a fantasy league right now just click on the registration link.   For information about how each Fantasy League works click on the appropriate sport.

FanStar Fantasy Football Software     We would like to introduce the most advanced, but yet ,easy to use fantasy football commissioner software around. It makes all other fantasy services obsolete. Here's why:   • Newsletter reports that contain complete league data in custom designed layouts (add your league and team logos!).   • Web Publisher that will create an interactive web site that rivals the professional fantasy football services (many use our software for their services)  • DragN Drop transactions will make maintaining your fantasy league fast and easy.  • Emailer that will email reports to all your league members  • Form Maker will allow you to organize your league with forms, labels and reports that make your draft and league maintenance a breeze • Plus a full-featured commissioner software package that will accommodate virtually every league (defensive players too!)

Fanta*Sports San Diego     Fanta*Sports - San Diego   Fantasy Baseball and Football Leagues  Designed for the Individual Player We organize Fantasy Leagues for the Individual Player. Come join people from all over the country and not have any of the headaches of forming and running your own league. We do all the work and we do it Right. Our High percentage of repeat business tells us so   Our Leagues are open to everyone. We have leagues for the expert Veterans down to the first time Rookies. We offer just Baseball and Football , so that we can concentrate on giving you the best service we can.

Fantasy Basketball        Welcome to C.J.'s Fantasy Basketball Home Page!   Home of the We Are Not Rolemodels Fantasy Basketball League and other leagues.

Fantasy Football & Racin' with DEB     Hi, and welcome to Fantasy Football & Racin' with Deb. I am hoping to provide you with many great links, good accurate information on Football, NFL/Fantasy and Racing, namely NASCAR.

Fantasy Football, Baseball and Hockey info    Fantasy sports info.

Fantasy Football Software and Statistics        Welcome to Fantasport!   Fantasy Football Software and Statistics  All of these packages include Free Statistics throughout the year.

Fantasy Games     Multiple fantasy leagues.

Fantasy Hockey Pool Manager Software    Managing fantasy hockey pools and other fantasy sports pools made easy with   Sports Pool General Manager software.  Hockey, Football, Golf... doesn't matter, handles them all.

Fantasy League Fanatics     Fantasy League Fanatics invites you  to participate in the easiest and most inexpensive   fantasy league in North America.  Over 180 WINNERS have a chance at $33,000 in Cash & Prizes!   More than 7,000 Satisfied Customers  Our 4th Year of Business    $27.50 Per Entry * $20.00 each additional entry.

Fantasy League Sportswear    Give us your team name and ideas and we will create a Custom Full Color Logo based on your team name and colors. We will then post it on our Web Site for you to see. If you like it, you can then order it on top quality hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts or jackets.   You will find links to the various pages of our website. Within these pages you will find out who we are, what we do and how you can make use of our services. We have tried to design our website with ease of use and speed of loading in mind. Our Samples Page and our Satisfied Customer Page are the only pages that are somewhat graphic intensive. We hope that you will find something of interest to you in the following pages.

Fantasy Leagues - Welcome from The Mining Co.      Sports Fanatasy League guide.

Fantasy Sports     Fantasy Sports  Team Name: Steel Curtain  I belong to the following Net leagues NetBasketball, NetFootball, NetBaseball. If you would like to check out the teams or just interested to join...contact the following spots.

Fantasy Sports at their finest!     Score Big with the Power Ranking System!   We at JTD Publications are fast becoming one  of the industry's leading providers of fantasy sports information. With our numerous sources of valuable data covering several sports, including baseball, football, and basketball, JTD Publications,  the inventors of the Power Ranking System, is dedicated to providing the most accurate and  comprehensive fantasy sports information available.

Fantasy Sports by All-America Fantasy Sports     Fantasy Football, Baseball and Hockey.

Fantasy Sports Headquarters     Fantasy sports info.

Fantasy Sports Interactive           Multiple sports fantasy games available.

Fantasy Sports Japan (FSJ Sports)     Multiple sports fantasy games available, Japanese.

Fantasy Sports Northwest     Fantasy Sports Northwest, the Internet's oldest fantasy sports company is proud to offer the finest fantasy sports games on the Net.

Fantasy Sports Online Home Page     Multiple sports fantasy games available.

Fantasy Sports Properties    Games and Stats packages available.

Fantasy Sports Services       Welcome To Fantasy Sports Services

Fantasy Sports Zone     Free sports fantasy games.

Floater Fantasy Sports - Under Construction    Fantasy Football, Hockey and Baseball.

Frostback Fantasy Leagues - Home Page         Basketball and Hockey league.

FSPNET.COM!    As publishers of some of the country's top selling Fantasy annuals as well as some of the best preseason and in-season updates  on the market, we're acutely aware of your need for information and we've increased our efforts in all areas. We feel the extra work is reflected in our materials and we believe you'll agree.

FunBets, the FREE Stock Market Game.  FunBets is where you compete head to head against other players to win thousands in cash and prizes! ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS ARE HERE !  You start with 1,000,000 Fun Bet Dollars in your account and direct access to our trading floor. Buy and Sell shares on real life events to accumulate points. Each week we offer hundreds of events for you to bet on. Place bets on the stock market, sporting events, even who is going to win the Box Office this weekend!  It's FREE, Just open an account and start trading!

Giochi e Tornei Fanta sportivi - FantasyGame.com     Spiacenti, ma il sito č in fase di ristrutturazione. i in di

GQ Fantasy Stats Service     Welcome to the premiere Fantasy Stats Service. Reliability and professional stats built to league specifications. Baseball, Hockey, Football & Basketball available via the Web, mail or fax.

Grand Slam Challenge Fantasy Sports     Grand Slam Challenge Fantasy Sports  Welcome to the Grand Slam Challenge fantasy sports web site!! Now in our 5th year of providing premier fantasy sports contests, Grand Slam Challenge offers a variety of over 40 different fantasy sports contests per year. Please come in and browse around for the fantasy sport(s) of your choice.  Baseball Football  Hoops  NASCAR  College Sports  Hockey  Golf

Griblets Home Page      Central Florida Fantasy Leagues

GROGAN'S Sports Information Main Frame     This site serves as a total Fantasy Football resource center for the '98 season. You will find information regarding your Fantasy Draft, Leagues, Software and other Fantasy related products. We have included a great source for Links to other Fantasy Football and NFL Football sites. Check out our GROGAN'S Fantasy News area. This is where we put our 12+ seasons of Fantasy experience to work for you. This Free area will provide, information updated regularly.

GURU Sports    Are you ready for some Football?
 The GURU is in a Fantasy Football League!!
Follow his progress throughout the season in the
Terryville Fantasy Football League.

Hej's Sports Garden     Hej's Sports Garden Welcome to the new, Hej's Sports Garden!! This page serves one purpose, to bring you the best sports sites on the web. You will find every sweet sports site I can find. I haven't been able to keep updaying this page becuase I have been making other pages. Check out all of my pages, please!

Highlight Fantasy    Great Products From Highlight Fantasy   The Draft Kit for Fantasy Football includes a draft board and player labels     to help organize and run your fantasy leagues draft.  The Ultimate Draft Guide !   All the information you need to dominate your league .

Home or Away - The Sports League Scheduler    Do you schedule sports leagues?   Home or Away is a Windows program developed by CFB Software to generate league schedules for up to 40 teams in a round robin competition. It is designed to be used for a wide range of sports and treats each team in the league as equally as possible. Schedules that could take hours to do by hand can now be created in minutes. Download the free Limited Edition.

Hoopscity    Fantasy basketball and baseball.

Interactive Internet Sports     Interactive Internet sports info.

Interactive Sportgamer Links: games, sports     1001 links for the interactive sportgamer

Internet Cornelius' Fantasy Sports Pages          Fantasy Sports Pages  Welcome to Cornelius' Fantasy Sports Pages. Please feel free to select any sport listed below to partake in the carnal pleasure that is fantasy sports. These pages offer very little in the way of direction, so you must utilize your brain to navigate through them.

Jeff Hagen    Welcome to Jeff Hagen's Home Page!  Offering very little in content. Just a place to post fantasy stats.

Jeff's Fanstasy Sports Page     Jeff's Fantasy Sports Page   Providing my hot picks for Smallworld baseball, hockey, and football fantasy sports!

John Mueller    John Mueller's Home Page    F.C.L. Baseball  P.P.M.H.L. Hockey

Lanier Sports Marketing, Inc.     Services   LSM Boxing  LSM Golf Events  Ad Agency

LeagueLineup - Free Web Site for Sports Leagues     Welcome to League Lineup!  The Internet Sports League Administrator   League Lineup provides a Free! professionally developed, database driven web site to any sports league.  Leagues can post News and Information, Team Rosters and Player Statistics, Schedules and Game Results, Sponsor Information, Field Locations and Directions and much more.  No technical expertise is required!  Join leagues from twenty-six states and six countries by registering your league!  Visit our Demonstration League and register today!

MacSPORT    MacSPORT Discussion List   Join the MacSPORT discussion list and swap gaming tips, find others to play games online, or just chat! Just enter your email address and click the ListBot button:

Mccready666's Home Page     Welcome to Fantasy Baseball/football Infinite  Choose Either or both  Welcome to Fantasy Baseball/Football infinite. Why do I call it that? Well, I like to think that there are infinite possibilities for all the teams here. You see, the rules are to pick a team( plus 2 back-up picks just in case), then I will tell you the other e-mail address of the people of the league. Then, we will have a draft for the players. After that, we will pick a schedule for the teams. The schedules goes as follows: Football:weeks-17;games per team-16 Baseball:weeks48 weeks-162 games per team **both are without playoffs, and championships. Have some good wholesome fun. And remember, when a home run is hit, an angle gets its wings. And when a strike out is thrown, the angles cry. And when there is a no-hitter, an angle committs suicide.

MHS Fantasy Sports    Serving Fantasy Owners since 1991     Click on the Baseball to enter MHS Fantasy Baseball        Click on the Football to enter MHS Fantasy Football 

MicroFest, Inc. - Pool-Side: Tourney Tracker    Maker of Backyard Bookie, your personal pari-mutuel toteboard simulator!  Bring the race track to your home!  And Tourney Tracker, the best software to manage your office or neighborhood NCAA pool, or ANY other standard single-elimination tournament pool!    Download shareware software for free!

Mike's Fantasy Sports World     Welcome to Mike's Fantasy Sports World, the best fantasy hockey and football leagues on the net. This site will always be under construction as we try to become bigger and better. We need loyal owners who are willing to give 100% participation. New leagues are formed every year but there are also open spots for expansion into other leagues. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or want to learn more about joining a league just E-Mail me, MFSW Commisioner Mike Szoke, at mszoke@ili.net.

Mr. Sports: Fantasy Football & Basketball     Football, Basketball and Baseball.

MS Stats Inc. Fantasy Sports Statistics          Fantasy sports statistics

North Shore Software         Serving rotisserie & fantasy leagues since 1988.  Baseball - Basketball - Hockey- Football

One-On-One Sports Radio Network    One On One Sports Confidence Pool

Online Authority of Fantasy Sports        Fantasy leagues and polls.

Operation Sports - Dedicated to Sports Games on the computer    PC Sports Games.

ORIS Games!     Congratulations! You've discovered the newest and most exciting sports-based game to hit the 'Net'!

Patton$ Home Page    Alex Patton's Web Site   •Latest News •Current "Report from the Trenches" at Rotoball •Archives - what else has been posted here and there •For the record: final 1998 bid values and projections in text format -  AL - NL •Blood, guts and Tout Wars •Hot Links

Pick the Winners    Check back soon to "Pick the Winners"  of All your favorite sports!

Prof. I.B. Pigskins Fantasy Sports Club    Prof. I.B. Pigskin's  Fantasy Sports Club    Welcome to our Fantasy Sports Club's Online Newsletter.  Feel free to browse the contents and let us know how you like it.  You can contact us at wsreinhard@enter.net What do we offer that other fantasy sports sites don't? The best competition, great service and low one-time league fees.  Give us a look!

Quick Stats Service ®     Quick Stats Service®  Your #1 Source for On-line Stats   Since 1987, Quick Stats Service® has been providing thousands of fantasy leagues with statistics, news and more. Pioneers in on-line fantasy sports statistics, we continue to usher in new trends in the delivery of quality statistics.   Nobody can match our winning combination of experience, quality, price and customer support. Nobody.

R-Sports.com Index page      Stats and league software.

RelayerSports     Sports Statistics and Fantasy League Management Service

RotoNews Fantasy Sports                  Free fantasy sports info.

Rotorooter Fantasy League Sports     Rotorooter Fantasy League Sports  Baseball Hockey

RSS Software, NFL Football, Office Pool Manager, Pro Predictor    If you're an NFL fan or if you want to have an advantage over others in your office pool, you'll love Pro Predictor, a very popular and highly acclaimed shareware program that can be found at every major FTP site and many smaller local sites.  What does it do? It predicts the outcome of each week's NFL games with an overall accuracy rate of 65-75%. At any time during the season, you can have it look ahead and project what the standings will be at any given week, who'll win each division, who'll make the playoffs and who'll win the Super Bowl.  It also keeps an amazing amount of statistics, including the season standings, playoff standings, power ratings, team schedules and records, who's hot and who's not, the best and worst in the league, etc.. And all you have to do is enter the scores each week! Pro Predictor does the rest. You have to see it to believe it. For more details, go to Pro Predictor Shareware Page.    The Mac Quarterback Office Pool Manager

(From an actual news story) A former employee has filed suit against the company that fired her because she refused to continue running the company's office pool. The company claims running the office pool was a part of her job description so she knew she'd be running the pool when she accepted the job. The employee said, "Yes, that's true. But I didn't know it would take so much time. I had to spend 10-12 hours each week just running the office pool." It's too bad she didn't have The Mac Quarterback, the Pro and College Office Pool Manager. She would have cut the 10-12 hours down to 1 or 2, she would still have her job, the company would not be facing a law suit, and everyone would be happy.    The Mac Quarterback, which can be used with any sport, will run your office pool, much like a quarterback runs a football game. All you do is stand on the sidelines and say "Do this." and it does it-without complaining or questioning your call! What used to take you hours to do will be done in just a few minutes. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Sandbox - The Interactive Entertainment Network     Game and simulation network.

Sierra Sports       Nascar, Golf and Fantasy sports.

Singa's Cella - Hockey and Football Pools    Fantasy hockey and football.

Skrewball Main Page     Multiple fantasy leagues.

Small World Sports         Fantasy hockey and football.

Smart Alec Sports Services - Fantasy Sports     Welcome to Smart Alec Sports Services Fantasy Sports Fundraising web site. Our programs are designed for youth sports organizations, schools, churches and other organizations looking for a fun and easy way to raise money for their operation. This brand new idea makes fundraising easier than you could have ever imagined.

Smoky Mountain Draft - Fantasy Sports Leagues    Smoky Mountain Draft   Fantasy Sports League    Play Our Latest Game - Fantasy Football '98!   Grand Prize is $5,000!  Second Prize is $1,000 Third Prize is $500

SoCoOL ... The Good Times Sports News    Sports Trivia .. Win Cash ... Win Prizes

Southern Stats Fantasy Sports Service     Fantasy sports service.

Spin Stats Fantasy Sports Page     Millennium Sports, Inc. (formerly Faulkner Strategics) offers personal computer products and services for the fantasy sports player.   Whether you're into fantasy baseball, football, basketball or hockey, we make the commissioner's job easy and fun.  Our popular fantasy software, Spin Stats, has been a winner since 1989. Users enjoy the flexible features of the DOS version or the slick new interface of the Windows version. We've created the consummate software to handle your league.   Millennium Sports also offers timely, accurate sports stats that can be imported directly into your Spin Stats system. These statistics are provided by STATS, Inc.

Sport Fanatics Players Draft       Multiple fantasy sports leagues.

Sports Buff Network         Multiple fantasy sports leagues.

Sports Manager - Sports Pool Management Software    The 1998 - 1999 Hockey PoolManager program   is free to download Now!

Sportsco    Tired of typing up the Weekly Office Football Picks Sheet each Wednesday morning?

SportsEdge, Inc. - Fantasy Sports Leagues     SportsEdge Fantasy Leagues offer generous Cash Prizes.  We provide a fun and simple way to add enjoyment to your favorite sport. Now you have a great reason to follow the top players and teams in each sport.  We have fantasy leagues for Auto Racing, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey.

SportShares    SportShares Fantasy Sports are interactive fantasy stock market games inwhich teams and players from the professional sports world are converted into stocks for you to buy and sell on the Fantasy SportShares Exchange. The performance of the shares is tied to the on-field performance of the teams and players.  Your goal is to build and manage an account of FantasyShares which out performs your competition.

SportsMark Information     North America’s #1 Contest Operator   SportsMark Promotions Inc. introduced the large scale fantasy sports concept to North American sports fans (via daily newspapers) in the fall of 1986. In total, we have operated more than 600 successful contests and have entertained over 2,500,000 individuals with contests that are challenging yet fun, easy to play and inexpensive.   The Internet has allowed us to offer our unique promotional concepts to a world wide audience. We look forward to being your main service provider of contests and guarantee you a truly interactive experience.

Sportsplayer Fantasy Sports:  Fantasy Football    Sportsplayer.com  Fantasy Sports Challenges

SportsWare    Proud to bring you the preferred  software for fantasy sports management.

Stat-Mania     Welcome to Stat-Mania! Fantasy Sports Stat Service on the Internet. We are here to provide your Fantasy Baseball Leagues with the highest quality Internet report around. With our low prices and high quality service we are confident that you will find everything that you need to run a great league right here.

Stat-O-Magic Fantasy Stat Service     Fantasy stat service.

Statman-Plus, Inc. - Fantasy Baseball, Football    Statman-Plus, Inc has been providing the Fantasy Sports Championships for basketball, baseball & football since 1994. This is our 4th year for the Fantasy Basketball Championships. 1998 will be our 4th year for the Fantasy Football Championships.  Statman-Plus, Inc's Fantasy Football Championships is an officially licensed product of the National Football League Players.  Through a licensing agreement with Fantasy Sports Publications (FSP), Statman-Plus is proud to offer FSP's On-Line Fantasy Football Showdown. FSP has 9 years of experience publishing fantasy football magazines, including:  The Fantasy Football Pro Forecast   The Fantasy Football Draftbook  The Fantasy Football Advisor

Statistical Software Services     Statistical Software Services  "The Finest in Fantasy League Stats" Servicing Fantasy Baseball, Football, & Basketball Leagues  Since 1989  SSS provides custom statistical services for existing adult leagues only. We do not offer owner/team placements, fantasy contests, or prizes

Stats, Inc.      Who is STATS, Inc.?  STATS, Inc. is the nation's leading independent sports information and statistical analysis company, providing detailed sports services for both individual consumers and a wide array of commercial clients. STATS provides up-to-the-minute sports information to fans, professional teams, print and broadcast media, software developers and interactive service providers around the country.

Stats4U-Fantasy Rotisserie Baseball & Football    Multiple stats and league info.

TDCS Fantasy Sports Index - Fantasy Baseball   Fantasy Sports Reporting  TDCS has eleven years experience in Fantasy League Reporting. We do not take individual signups. Instead, we service new or existing leagues. Discounts are available for first year leagues. Statistics can be delivered through a customized web site, via fax, e-mail, or U.S. Mail. Rates vary. Please see League Contracts for pricing information. We are a no frills stat service. No hidden costs. All fees are paid up front. TDCS is committed to meeting all of your Fantasy Leagues' needs. Thanks for visiting the TDCS Web Site!

The Dow's Homepage             Ted's Baseball League Page  Ted's Fantasy Football Page

The Fantasy Sports Corner    Q: What is The Fantasy Sports Corner?  A: It is a free fantasy information site, covering baseball, football, and hockey.   You could spend hours looking over news sites, team sites, and who knows what else, or get it all right here. When I designed it, I tried to make the site the way a fantasy sports enthusiast would want it. When it all began, there was only one page, covering fantasy hockey. That was December 15, 1997, on a free homepage on Tripod. In March, The Corner moved to it's current URL. Since then, it's grown into an informative, easy-to-use fantasy sports site. There are all kinds of useful pages of information, from analysis to links.

The Guru's Fantasy Reports Home Page      Welcome to Guru Fantasy Reports' Home Page.  We hope you enjoy the many free features we offer and consider subscribing to our four-year-old fantasy football report this season.   You've seen our columns, articles, and picks on ESPN Sportszone, Fantasy Football Index and Fantasy Football Pro Forecast.  Now, you're only a click away from seeing what we're Really all about.  Click on the football icon below and see for yourself. 

The Sandlot Shrink Fantasy Sports Advisors    We are the only advisory service that updates our site everyday! Click on the order form link to subscribe or click on the Baseball link, the Football link or the Basketball link and scan our free sample pages….  Free pages include:  • Depth Charts for every sport   • Feature Stories, Strategy Essays, Non-Fantasy Libraries and Reviews   • Fantasy League Bulletin Boards (advertise for free) in every sport   We update our pages on a daily basis with insider reports from USA Today's Rod Beaton, Baseball America's Jerry Crasnick, and many others. 

Tim's Fantasy League     Tim's Fantasy Sports Leagues

Tony's Fantasy Football and Baseball Pages     Hello and Welcome To Tonys Fantasy Baseball Page. To the Left are all the links You should need to get you on your way. I welcome comments. As you can see our league site has gotten a much needed face lift.. Lets get feedback on how you like the new format. Complete rosters with reserves can be found here

Tri State Fantasy Sports     Welcome to our web site. We are your one stop fantasy sports provider. We run a wide variety of rotisserie and head to head leagues supporting the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. We also provide statistical services and web hosting for individuals looking to become Commissioner of their own league and for those current Commissioners who are tired of the tedious job of compiling statistics. So if this is your first time visiting our site we hope that you enjoy your stay and chose Tri State as your fantasy sports home.

TSC              Fantasy League info.

Turbostats    Turbostats Software Company  The Fastest, Easiest Way to Keep Stats

UH Law Fantasy League    UH Law Fantasy League Home Page  Basketball Baseball Football

Ultimate Fantasy Sports       If you are looking for a great, realistic games that are easy to play with great prizes and fun, then UFS is the place for you. Now in our 13th year, we feature head-to-head games that include Live Drafts, Weekly Free Agent pickups and Real trades made between great owners like You! UFS has served thousands of happy customers since 1986! Please browse our site to find out why we have a 92% renewal rate!  

Unreal Sportz: NZ Sports Competitions    Come in, settle down and enjoy our New Zealand sporting competitions.   We are back in action again after 2 unsucessful attempts at running pay to enter competitions. Money is either too tight or we are not reaching enough interested people because the response has been really poor to say the least. At $NZ5 a entry the price must be right, so we can't be creating enough interest. So this time round we are running trial competitions that are free to enter. Our first trial run will be on rugby's NPC 1st Division. Check them out on our Rugby Page.

USFANTASY411 Fantasy Sports Search Engine     Fantasy sports links.

Virtual Sports Software     Welcome to Virtual Sports Software

Wannabe Sports Page - Quality, Affordable     Welcome to the base of operations for Wannabe Sports' internet fantasy sports. Providing fantasy sports entertainment with quality Fantasy Football Leagues, Fantasy Baseball Leagues and Fantasy Basketball Leagues. Join us!

Web Fantasy Sports!     Welcome to Web Fantasy Sports!   The Web's Premier Free Fantasy Sports Leagues!

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