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Articles Against Gambling


Atlantic City and Vegas's Casino's Unveiled!    CASINO EXPOSE

NCALG    The dramatic growth of gambling is not the result of a popular movement. Rather, it is driven by the gambling industry with its high priced lobbyists and pie-in-the sky promises. In response volunteer citizens have formed state and local groups to oppose the spread of gambling.

No Casino    We need to make sure our federal Government hears what we are saying. NO CASINO! •At the City Council Meeting, a resolution was passed to not support a casino in the City of Hood River. •The County Commissioners have decided to conduct a "non- binding survey" of all registered voters in the County to gather public opinion.

NOcasiNO in Cecil Co.    NOcasiNO in Cecil Co.   Maryland's Religious Community United Against Casino Gambling    Transcript from "What's Wrong With Gambling"  "What's Wrong With Gambling" is a 30 minute video designed for use in a Sunday School class or church group. It spells out how your church group can make a practical difference to fight gambling expansion.

So...What's So Good About Gambling ?    So...What's So Good About Gambling ?         Many folks view gambling as a source of revenue for local governments, a boost for business, and various other positive aspects. The Maryland State Chapter of the National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion presents a different view in the material below:

United Church News: Obscure bingo hall now    Obscure bingo hall now world's biggest casino   by Andy Lang   October 1996.

VLT,Video Lottery Terminal,slot machine,one a...    Six thousand Video Lottery Terminals have been installed in Alberta pubs and cocktail lounges - generating nearly a BILLION dollars of extra revenue each year for the Provincial Government.  Albertans   have been told they have a fair and reasonable chance to win money playing these electronic slot machines; However, after five years of research and substantial expense I now believe VLTs are one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated by a Government - an incredible after-tax rip-off!