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Gambling Course


BlackJack Bootcamp from GambleVision     What every player should know about Blackjack and Casinos  Dear Card Player,  Welcome to my BlackJack Player's Web Site. Here you'll find a wealth of useful information whether you're a beginner or experienced player. You'll find a few tips to help you with your game as well as info on my new video training course, Blackjack Bootcamp. I've taught thousands of players like you how to stick it to the casinos. And I can teach you, too--if you are willing to do what it takes.


If what you are doing gambling isn't making you money when you go to the casinos, then it's about time you listen to a someone with years of experience in the gaming industry!  I deal to people who bet THOUSANDS every year, and after watching their mistakes and great plays, I know what it takes to compete with the casinos!  I taught gaming classes at a major hotel on the Las Vegas strip, and I have come to one conclusion, good consistent play with good strategies, good money management, and a little bit of luck, will keep you in the game longer and afford you an opportunity to win instead of lose. I have made thousands off recreational play at the tables in Vegas, believe me when I say "I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH, AND I WIN BECAUSE I DO!"