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Blackjack Links

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2 AM - The Internet Game Site    Blackjack game.

21 FAQ                          Free 21 Frequently Asked Questions About Blackjack.

Aceswin                           BLACKJACK Strategy. Pay.

Alleykatz                          Strip Blackjack online. Pay.

Amazing Blackjack Secret    BLACKJACK Strategy. Pay.

Beat the Casinos            BLACKJACK Strategy. Pay.

bh.gambling                    Playing The Cards We're Dealt:  Blackjack as Civil Disobedience

BestClix                        Win at 21, our new audio program is unlike any other on the market today!  We present both basic strategy for the beginner, as well as advanced strategies for the professional player.  Memorize the simple instructions in this audio program and you will be armed with the knowledge of exactly what to do with every conceivable hand that is ever dealt to you.  Once you have learned our program, you will instantly recognize the mistakes you used to make and you will play with a new confidence based on that knowledge.  You will play knowing you are going to be damned tough to beat... and isn't that what it's all about?

BLACKJACK Conditions and Specials       BLACKJACK Conditions USA. Penetration, rules.

BJ21: The Blackjack Page     Books, Software, Newsletters.  Subscription required. Ever have a question about blackjack but weren't sure whom to ask? Do you want to post a message that will be instantly available to blackjack players everywhere? Would you like to participate in lively, intelligent discussion of casino games?  If so, you've come to the right place. We have several public message boards and several other members-only boards. 

Blackjack                      Overview. Card counting.

Blackjack                      System purchase.

Blackjack                    Overview.   Celebrity cruises.

Blackjack.com              Free play Blackjack within browser. Prizes. Tips.

Blackjack Ace              Free BLACKJACK play, tips & techniques.

Blackjack Advice         Free basic BLACKJACK strategy and counting system.

BlackJack At TWolf's   Free play Blackjack within browser.

BlackJack Basic Strategy     Free basic BLACKJACK strategy.

blackjack by thread       Blackjack by thread.

Blackjack Chatrooms    Blackjack Chatrooms-Scheduled Meetings.

Blackjack Corner          Temporarily Closed.

Blackjack Count Analyzer    Blackjack Count Analyzer software, Pay.

Blackjack Counters       Article on card counting.

Blackjack Crossroads     BLACKJACK Course. Pay.

Blackjack Documents     Programming a Blackjack Game in C ++.

Blackjack Expert            Books, Strategy Cards, Correspondence Course.

Blackjack Forum            Magazine, articles, Forum.  Pay.

Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions     Free Frequently Asked Questions about Blackjack.

Blackjack Game             Free play Blackjack within browser.

Blackjack John Fredine           Free program   written to play blackjack on the HP28s.

Blackjack Peli Tietoa              Strategy. Finnish only.

BlackJack Play Decision Table     Free basic BLACKJACK Strategy card.

Blackjack Plus-Minus Strategy     Free strategies for Card Counting.

Blackjack Review         Magazine. Pay.

Blackjack Seminar        Free Internet blackjack seminar.

Blackjack Strategies       Free BLACKJACK strategies.

Blackjack Strategy          BLACKJACK Strategy card. Pay.

Blackjack System           Free Blackjack Strategy Table.

Blackjack The Ultimate System   BLACKJACK Strategy. Pay.

Blackjack Trainer           BLACKJACK Simulation software. Variable Rules. Pay.

Blackjack Tutorial          Free Blackjack Advice and Online Test.

Blackjack Vision simulator         BLACKJACK Simulator Analyzer. Pay.

Blackjack Without Tears           Internet Blackjack course.

Blackjackinfo.com        Free BLACKJACK Strategy card for any condition.

Boss                             Free play Blackjack within browser.

Brisan Multimedia Productions     BlackJack Site Under Development

Byteworks                     BLACKJACK Simulation software.  Pay

Casino Blackjack           Free download BLACKJACK simulation software.

Casino Center's Learn To Play Casino Games!    Learn how to play blackjack, poker, craps and more , by visiting the following links to help you become a winner! They  will teach you everything you need to know to be a  winner!

Casino Rules - Play The Best Online Casino Softwares    Game Rules.

Casino Table Games     Casino Table Games.

Casino Time                  Free play Blackjack within browser.  Tournaments & prizes.

Casino UK                    Casino Table Games.

Club 21                         Strip blackjack game. Pay.

Conjelco                       Guide to Blackjack Books.

Conjelco                       Newsletters, and other periodicals.         

CopleyNet - BlackJack     Free BLACKJACK strategy.  Hand signals.

Crazy Iowaboy World       Basic Rules.

Cyberstrip BLACKJACK                     Strip blackjack game. Pay.

Cyn's Casinos And Gaming Web Guide     Book list. Links.

Deal BlackJack             Video to teach you all the procedures you need to become a BlackJack dealer in a Casino. Pay.

Don Dewayne               Playing guides. Pay.

Easy Money Blackjack Website     BLACKJACK system, $24.99.

Fun 3 BlackJack            Free play Blackjack within browser.

Fun 21                           Blackjack Teaching & Parties. Tarpon Springs, Florida

Gamblers Haven            Welcome to Gamblers Haven! The most comprehensive free gambling instructional site available.  We offer free gambling tips for craps, blackjack, poker, roulette, slots, keno, baccarat and lotto.  Please visit our sponsors as they are responsible for keeping this site free!
Thank you and enjoy your visit.

Gambling Times             Blackjack books. Pay.

Gold Beach Casino        Free or Pay BLACKJACK play.

Graphics with Visual Basic      Free play Blackjack within browser.

Grinders                        Free articles and more.

High Stakes Gambling    

Here at high stakes we wish to help in learning the rules to gambling games.
First and foremost a player (that's you) must know the rules of a game they wish to play,
so we bring you the following list of games and their rules


Hit The Jackpot             BLACKJACK & other Board Game.

Honest to Goodness      Blackjack book. Pay.

How to "Hack" Blackjack    Free Article on winning at blackjack.

Jacques du Jour              Free play Blackjack within browser. Daily prizes.

Java Blackjack               Free play Blackjack within browser.

Java Blackjack               Free play Blackjack within browser.

Java Script Arcade         Free play Blackjack within browser.

JT's Systems Shop    

Las Vegas Casino Blackjack        Free basic BLACKJACK rules.

Lawerence Revere                       Advanced strategies. Free Basic strategy calculator

Leonard Benson Company          Systems.

Mathematics of Blackjack            Free BLACKJACK technical, mathematics, algorithms and counting articles.

Million Dollar Blackjack               Blackjack Learning Software and system. Pay.

Mini Vacation to Las Vegas         Free Blackjack Tips and Rules. Glossary of Terms.

Netjack                                       Free play Blackjack within browser.    

Niagara Falls Casino Connection, Betting Basics   Free basic blackjack information.

Ohkami                         Free play Blackjack within browser.   

Online Blackjack 777     Online Blackjack 777 is your guide to winning free casino chips and the meaning of the blackjack game.

Pi Yee Press                  Books and software on blackjack

Pimpernel                      Free play Blackjack within browser.

Power Highstakes Blackjack Strategies   Blackjack Strategy compilation. Pay.

Precision Blackjack                     Book.

Precision Blackjack - Books        Book. system, course.

Professional Card Counting        I am a Professional Blackjack Analyst, with over ten years card counting experience. I offer free card counting advice via e-mail, for anyone interested in learning to count and, for experienced players. Furthermore, I offer my free 7 page "Card Counting Introduction".

Professor Blackjack                    Blackjack program for the Psion line of palmtop computers.

Ralph Stricker                             Free Ralph Stricker Blackjack Articles.

Ralph Stricker                             Free article on BLACKJACK.

RedTail Software                        Blackjack software for your Pilot.

Sage Software                            Free download BLACKJACK simulation software.

Secret Blackjack                        BLACKJACK system.  $15.-

Simplified Blackjack Strategy    Free basic BLACKJACK strategy.

Snakegully - Blackjack             Free articles, rules on BLACKJACK.

Steve's Java Applet                   Free play Blackjack within browser.

Subscriptions                            BLACKJACK Publications / Subscriptions.

Super 21                                  Free play Blackjack within browser.

The Casino and I                      Free Rules and Tips. Basic Strategy. Trip Reports.

The Ubalo Over/Under Counting System   BLACKJACK system.  $20.-

Tom Turcich's Twists              BLACKJACK Strategy. Pay. Quiz.  Conditions.

Tournament Blackjack            A program that lets you practice blackjack tournaments. Pay.

Tweak BlackJack                    Free play Blackjack within browser.

Universal Access Inc.              Free play Blackjack within browser.

Ultimate Blackjack Computer     Pocket computer for BLACKJACK players.

Ultimate Card Players Links     Bridge  Hearts  Poker  Solitaire  Blackjack  Spades.  Online Card Games

Ultimate Software                      BLACKJACK Software, free download.

Uston                                       Count system. Pay.

Win At Blackjack                    BLACKJACK system  $29.-

WIN CARDS - The Easy Way to Learn to Play Blackjack, Craps and Roulette    If you'd like to learn blackjack, the Blackjack WIN CARD will clearly show you possible hit, stand, double down and split options depending on what the dealer has.

Winning Edge                         BLACKJACK strategy card  $2.-

Yet Another Blackjack            Free play Blackjack within browser.