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NSW Lotteries    New South Wales Lottery.

Lotteries     Fundraising through lotteries form an integral part of the Society’s fundraising activities.  Six lotteries are conducted each year.   $30 per ticket lottery (3 lotteries)  15,000 tickets  1st Prize  -  Cash or Car - approx. value $55,000  2nd Prize -  Car - approx. value $17,000   3rd Prize  -  Prize approx. value $3,000  4th Prize  -  Prize approx. value $2,000  5th - 100th prizes - approx. value $60  $2 per ticket lottery (3 lotteries)  90,000 tickets  1st Prize  -  Car and cash - approx. value $22,000  2nd Prize -  Cash $6,000  3rd Prize  -  Cash $4,000  4th Prize  -  Cash $3,000  5th and 6th Prizes  -  Cash  Profits from Lotteries are applied to Client Services and Research Programs.  Please telephone the MS Centre Adelaide for further Lotteries information.

Lotteries Commission of South Australia    Lotteries Commission of South Australia  Provides a high level of service to customers thereby encouraging greater participation in lotteries which, in turn, will provide a sustainable contribution to the economic development of South Australia.

South Hedland Lottery Centre     South Hedland Lottery Centre and Newsagency.

Tattersall's Australian Lottery & Gaming    Australian Lottery and Gaming Operators.

The Lotto Shack    The Lotto Shack  45 Simper Street  Wembley  PERTH WA 6014 Australia Voice: (08) 9387 8800  (INTL: +61 08 9387 8800)   Mobile: 015 984 512

TMS Lotteries Australia     Welcome to TMS - the only company legally authorized to offer Australian Lottery products internationally. Play with TMS to win millions!

Welcome to SA Lotteries     The South Australian Act of Parliament to create SA Lotteries was passed in November 1966, and since its commencement in 1967, SA Lotteries has introduced a wide range of products to keep pace with changing trends and to meet customer expectations.