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Lottery Information

Scholars disagree on who started the ancient tradition of lotteries, but there are references in the Bible. In Chapter 26 in the Book of Numbers, Moses used a lottery to award land west of the River Jordan.


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An Intercept Study of California State Lotteries       An Intercept Study of California State Lottery Players    Richard A. Berk     Tony Lin    Center for Statistics, UCLA

AstroStar's Planet Lotto     Links & Sweepstakes +

Cyber Magazine Cyber Actualidad    Bono Loto

Cybergeezers Lottery Page     Free Lotto Information. Enjoy. This is my response to the call for Web pages featuring content. I know more about gambling than any other subject, so I decided to tell you about Lotto.

Gamblers Haven     Welcome to Gamblers Haven! The most comprehensive free gambling instructional site available.  We offer free gambling tips for craps, blackjack, poker, roulette, slots, keno, baccarat and lotto.  Please visit our sponsors as they are responsible for keeping this site free! Thank you and enjoy your visit.

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Hot Numbers   Hot Numbers is your #1 source for lotto stats.

Idaho's Lottery Ticket Scraper    Please visit all of our very short pages, you can get free lottery tickets.!!!

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La Fleur's Lottery World    La Fleur's Lottery World newsletter.

Lotteries     Lotteries How come with all the web pages on the net dealing with lotteries (see Yahoo!'s lottery page or this huge list of lottery links), virtually none of them tell you what a terrible gamble betting on a lottery is?   Sure, I occasionally play the lottery. For a few bucks, you get some excitement. I don't really expect to win.  Someone has called the lottery a stupidity tax. "The more stupid you are, the more you pay." I like that.

Lottery Age - The Newsletter for Lottery Players     Welcome to Lottery Age - The most comprehensive lottery site on the Web! This site is for you, the lottery player. Within these pages you will find useful information about state lotteries and the people who won them. Set your bookmark and check back often - this site will update frequently.  Get excited! This is only the beginning.

Lottery America    Welcome To Lottery America's   Award Winning Web Site

Lottery and Casino News     How to Order a Subscription Order 6 issues of Lottery and Casino News for the special of just $14.97. Get all the news...all the numbers... Lottery results, lottery strategies and systems, predictions, casino news and information on great packages, shows, giveaways etc. Formerly Lottery Player's Magazine, published since 1981.

Lottery Links     Lottery Links

Lottery Links Around The World      Check out the following lottery sites for additional information

Lottery Monitor - UK National Lottery Grants ...    Lottery Monitor aims to help its subscribers understand the many issues involved in applications for the grants and awards from good causes who get funding from the UK National Lottery run by Camelot. The boards are the National Lottery Charities Board, Arts Council, Sports Council, Heritage Lottery Fund (formerly the National Heritage Memorial Fund) and the Millennium Commission. Every topic is covered, from the Greenwich Millennium Dome to education to charity fund raising, or even how to find your local authority Lottery Officer.

Lottery News from The Lottery Company     The latest lottery news and a complete range of lottery busting products

Lottery Syndicate Agreements, Legal and Taxat...    How to avoid costly taxes, just e-mail your full name, address and postcode.  We will send you an Information Pack  - Free (U.K. only)   email - freepack@lotagree.demon.co.uk

Lotto Edge Magazine Home Page     Featuring All Games For California, Georgia, Florida and the Texas Pick 3 and Texas Million

Lotto Edge's Lotto-Link Page     For the best in lottery related information.

Lotto News Network    Lotto news.

NLCB     We are the independent organization set up by Parliament to distribute money raised by the National Lottery to support charitable, benevolent and philanthropic organizations throughout the UK. We also make grants to UK agencies working abroad.  Until October 1997, 28 per cent of the money raised by the National Lottery was shared equally between five good causes - charities, heritage, projects to mark the Millennium, arts and sports. These funds are distributed respectively by the National Lottery Charities Board, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Millennium Commission, and the Arts and Sports Councils of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Orange Cat's Freebies - Lottos     Lottery freebies.

Phoney Prizes and Lotteries     Phoney prizes and lotteries  Brief description: These schemes often offer consumers access to a winning ticket if the consumers send an amount of money to be eligible. This amount of money is commonly described as an ‘administration charge’. Other schemes attempt to pass themselves off as legitimate lotteries. Consumers end up paying for phoney tickets which are not in an actual lottery.

PPA Best Practice Guidelines: Lotteries, Comp...     Detailed information on running lotteries and contests.

PSS Instant Lottery Tickets     Pacific Secure Systems Pty Limited was formed in 1984 and the production facilities are located in Sydney, Australia and contain the most up to date computer controlled ink jet imaging equipment for the production of Instant Lottery Tickets.   PSS supplies customers in South East Asia and the Australasian markets with high quality, secure lottery tickets and software services. The BABN Technologies Lottery Division employs 1,014 people within five plants which produce over 7 billion tickets per annum or 28% of the world market.

Public Gaming Research Institute Home Page     Public Gaming Research Institute is in its 27th year of providing support to all companies with an interest in the $40+ billion-a-year lottery industry. In response to the needs of the varied organizations active in this industry, PGRI sponsors conferences, trade shows and publishes research for the lottery industries around the world.  The Institute publishes the trade magazine, a daily cross-industry update and other industry reference publications. The Institute places people in the lottery and gaming industries through its International Career Placement Service and helps bring new products and financing together through its Products For Progress Service. PGRI also conducts proprietary research for companies in the lottery and gaming fields through its Gaming Research Services Group.

Rayne Bowe's Lucky Lottery Links    Lottery information.

Sport North Lotteries     Sport North Lotteries    Sport North Lottery     in Yellowknife would like to encourage all non profit organizations throughout  the Northwest Territories    and Nunavut to explore  our fundraising concept.   Our representatives specialize in offering the latest in lottery products, exclusive to the Prairie Provinces and Northern Territories. 

Taps    Win at Horse-Racing, Football Pools, Fixed-Odds, Sports Betting, Greyhounds and the Lottery!

The Futility Of The National Lottery    The National Lottery has very quickly become part of the fabric of life in the United Kingdom. To confirm this you need only look at the litter on the pavements, and you will soon appreciate from the discarded entry forms, and draw tickets how much a part of life it has become.

The Lottery Institute      We provide:   •Lottery news up to minute. •Lottery results & historical databases. •Advice, tips & strategies. •Wheeling Systems - Covering Designs & Combinatorics. •Lottery glossary & FAQs. •Lottery software lists. •Lottery resources. •Probability and statistics pages. •Predictions reports, theory and analysis. •Products that we believe can help the Lottery players.

The Lotto Players BBS     Your #1 Source for Lottery Software, Lotto Books, Winning Numbers and Wheeling Systems

Weblotto    WebLotto Home Page

What To Do Before and After You Win the Lottery    We should all be so lucky. But if it happened, would you be ready for the momentous life-change of winning a lottery?

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