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Lotteries Software

Absolutely Lottery Software Store     Walter Computer Services is a maker of world class Lottery Software, Lotto Software, Daily Number Software (part of Lottery Boss Pro), Zer0 Miss Multi-Prize, Multi-Level and Specialty Wheeling Systems (over 1,000,000 possible), Wheel Wright Single-Prize Wheel Generation Software, Lotto and Daily Lottery History Databases, with Software available for Windows and DOS. We've been serving Lottery and Lotto Players with the best in Lotto and Lottery software tools, Worldwide since 1984. Our titles include: Lottery Boss Pro, Lotto Pool Pro, Best Bet Professional, Wheel Wright, Zer0 Miss, and Big Wheel Pick 5 Professional.

Advanced Lottery software     Professional software that helps you to win at Lotto, 6.49, Powerball, Keno, Cash, Daily, Fantasy, Toto, Lotto, Primitiva, Lottery, Quiniela, Loteria, and all the other National Lottery games over the World.

Advanced Lottery software    Professional software that helps you to win at Lotto, 6.49, Powerball, Keno, Cash, Daily, Fantasy, Toto, Loto, Primitiva, Lottery, Quiniela, Loteria, and all the other National Lottery games over the World.

AUMENTE Beneficios de Lotto, Loto, 6/49, Prim...     Apostante individual  Peñas de apuestas Despachos de apuestas  Grupos de inversión

Binary Software Introduces new lottery software...     Welcome to the Binary Software

California LottoPro     California Lottopro ©   by SoftEase Software   California LottoPro ©, the Ultimate Software Tool designed exclusively for California's Lottery Games. California LottoPro © features both the Super Lotto and Fantasy 5 games.  The software comes equipped with the complete historical results for both games. Users can construct tickets based upon number frequency, draw frequency, number trends, hot pairs, and user detected patterns.   California LottoPro© is extremely flexible and allows the user to determine his/her methods to isolate meaningful patterns and trends to forecast future picks. Once tickets are created in the user friendly interface, actual lotto playslips can be inserted in your laser or ink jet printer, and you are ready to win!

CServeHP     Horseracing and Lottery software.

DINERO lottery pattern software USA UK AUS    If you are ever going to hit a big lottery, you will be using DINERO software or something like it!  Lottery number patterns in every state.   Ever wonder about the number patterns in your state's lottery?  Number patterns don't happen by chance! Something is not random!   DINERO is an Excel spreadsheet lottery software program that calculates the probable "number set" for your state's lottery for the date you enter. All you have to do is fill in the date of the lotto drawing. DINERO will calculate these numbers for your state's lottery drawings, and you will be startled at where the actual lotto numbers come from and learn why they are not random.  Mail $23 to:  DINERO      6610 Stewart Road Box 1
    Galveston, Texas 77551

Fixed It! Software      Win A Lotto. This application provides a means for maintaining your lottery tickets and databases for the games you play. Includes several statistical methods for predicting numbers that are going to be drawn. Football, baseball, basketball and lottery software.

Gambling Formula       IT has become common sense the belief that persistence leads to success. It might be true for some life situations, sometimes. It is never true, however, for gambling and games of chance in general. Actually, in gambling persistence leads to inevitable bankruptcy. I can prove this universal truth mathematically. I will not describe the entire scientific process, since it is rather complicated for all readers but a few. The algorithm consists of four phases: win N consecutive drawings; lose N consecutive drawings; not to lose N consecutive drawings; win within N consecutive drawings. I will simplify the discourse to its essentials.

Gourami Software - Mystical Lottery Number Se...    Mystical Lottery Number Selector Download Mystical Lottery Number Selector  Shareware  OS: Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 Mystical Lottery Number Selector can be used as an interesting way to select lottery numbers or for selecting numbers for other purposes. It contains special properties for number selection. One to twelve unique numbers are randomly selected from the user-selected range (1-999).

Green Dot Lottery Software, Tucson Arizona     Lottery spectral analysis.

HappySoft Online    Software & Servizi per i Giochi ed i Concorsi Pronostici Italiani

Instant Win on The Internet!     Scratch & Win on the Internet   is now available for State Lotteries. RealTIME MEDIA has successfully developed and is now licensing its Internet Scratch Off technology to State Lotteries. This system has been used to serve up millions of online game tickets for clients like Microsoft, Weather Channel, CDnow, and many others, and is internationally "Patent Pending".  RealTIME Media has tested and proven this system on the Internet since 1994. RealTIME’s clients for the commercial delivery of these online scratch game cards include prominent Fortune 500 companies. Now, this proven system is available for licensing to State Lotteries. Due to the fact that these lottery products are being offered ONLY to authorized agencies, this is a password-protected site! Please contact RealTIME if you would like permission to enter.

Iopt Software    Iopt Software Welcome to Iopt Software's homepages, here you will find information about Iopt Software, our lottery calculator, LottoCalc, how to order your copy and more. You now have the chance to download a demonstration release of LottoCalc version 1, if you like what you see you can then order the NEW LottoCalc 1.02, an even more versatile system!

John's Web Page: Lottery Stuff    LOTTO! is a freeware software package that will generate randomly picked lottery numbers for any type of lottery game. It is a program that I wrote in QuickBasic and it took me about 3 months to complete. It is configured for the state of Ohio lottery games right now, but it is easily changeable to work with any states' system. It uses the mouse exclusively and will run from DOS or Windows. And to top it all off, you can save all of the numbers you generate and print them out! To find out why LOTTO! even exists or why it looks the way it does, check out my LOTTO! Story that I put together. If you download LOTTO!, the file will have to be "unzipped" with a common file unzipper like pkunzip. Download and enjoy (size = 63Kb).

Johnny's Home Page     MicroLot Lotto 3.02 : The Lottery Selector Program . Runs under Windows 95. As of 11 October 1998, total people downloaded MicroLot Lotto 2 & 3 is 6975 and MicroLot Lotto 1 is 2122. A total of 9097. Thank You. Updated data files are also available in the MicroLot Page. The 6500th download mark for MicroLot Lotto 2&3 has been reached on 26 May 1998 at 20:12 GMT by someone in the 1cust174.tnt4.nyc3.da.uu.net domain since released on 8 June 1997. The 7000th download mark is due anyday now.

Joshordan Software    Welcome to Joshordan Software. Here you will find the latest releases in the Lucky Dip Lotto Series. There are 2 Versions of LDL that are available, Freeware and Shareware. For info, click on the respective link.

Lottery Director Software    Lottery Director . . .     . . .  Excellence  in Lottery Software.

Lottery for Fun under construction     Lottery number picker software, in browser.

Lottery Number Analysis     How To Generate Every Possible Ticket  There are 13,983,816 different ticket combinations possible, they range from combination number 1; 1,2,3,4,5,6 to combination number 13,983,816; 44,45,46,47,48,49.

Lottery number generator     Click on the applet  to generate a new set of numbers

Lottery Numbers Generator     Lottery Numbers Generator  Here's a great way that will take all the worry out of choosing your lottery numbers.  Forget playing birthdays! We live in the age of Java Script!

Lottery Software from MNR Associates     Welcome to the MNR Associates 'Lotto Organizer home page! Please bear with us during our construction, as we are brand new to the net. We have some pretty ambitious plans for this site, so place a bookmark, and check back regularly. We are beginning with our best lottery software, the best software for the price on the market today! Download the User Manual and judge for yourself what Lotto Organizer can do for you! Give us a call between 8:00am and 5:00pm Pacific time and we'll be glad to discuss it with you. To order, contact us by Email, or call us at 503-331-1117, or write to us at:   MNR Associates, PO Box 55924, Portland, OR 97238-5924.

Lottery Wizard, Wiz Pix, Lucky Numbers,     At our WEB site you will find:  Lottery Analysis Software (Lottery Wizard)    Lottery Wizard Demo Software Try it before you buy it! (Free Download)  Free On-Line Lottery Simulators (Pick 3 Simulator, Lotto Simulator) Free On-Line Lottery Number Generators (Wiz Pix, Zodiac Picks, Lucky Numbers)  Free On-Line Computerized Psychic (Mystic Reader) For entertainment only!!!

Lotto Canada exclusively presents the Canadian...     The latest version of the Lotto 6/49 System Version 3.01.

Lotto Chess    In Today's lottery World, the need for technology is great and constantly increasing. LOTTOCHESS is for students of the lotto games who want to have as much scientific information as possible before selecting the most probable winning digits.  Much of today's highly touted creative technology places too little emphasis on scientific methods for selecting digits and appear too complex.  As a Game LOTTOCHESS attempts to prescribe specific rules and simple unvarying procedures for the selection of the most probable winning digits.   This Website provides a quick guided tour, explaining the elements of the game and how to play LOTTOCHESS. For a more comprehensive, in-depth description of LottoChess, order our "LOTTOCHESS BOOK" and/or the "LOTTOCHESS AUDIO CASSETTE".

Lotto Lottery Lucky Numbers     Lottery software

LOTTO PROPHET lottery software lotto software     DataMicro's LOTTO PROPHET is a sincere attempt to increase the interest and the pleasure of individuals and groups who like to play the lottery by helping keep a record of lotto numbers picked as well as recording the previously called lottery numbers. The LOTTO PROPHET works with Powerball, keno, big game and has the ability to maintain most all of the lottery games in the USA, England, Canadian, Australian and many other lotteries, all at one time.

Lotto Tracker II - Intelligent Lotto Software    Intelligent Lotto Software for Mac OS and Windows "I retrieved Lotto Tracker II from your homepage, tried it, and believe or not it hit a small win, at once. So, I am willing to register it before the evaluation period runs out." - Matti Tarvainen, Finland

Lotto Wise, Shareware, download, Lottery    LottoWise is a professional 32 bit lottery program. LottoWise was designed to increase your chances of winning as well as help you through all the Lotto game phases. The new 2.25B version include advanced lottery analysis and support for almost all lottery games worldwide including the US 'The Big Game' and 'PowerBall'.   LottoWise is one of the Worlds Most Popular lottery games and we are Top, pop, Ace and Wild rated in many shareware archives on the internet.   To download the NEW 2.25B version (Release Date: October 01, 1998) of the LottoWise program: Go to the Download selection.

Lottofacts - The Ultimate in software for the...    Take full advantage of your chances   This latest computer software provides instant information at the touch of a button.  Furthermore it's simple to use!

Lottoman Insider's stuff     GO-LOTTO Now you can increase your odds of winning at lotto with your home PC. GO-LOTTO is designed for IBM-compatible computers and is easy to install, utilize and maintain. This program is capable of keeping track of 15 different types of Lotto and can be customized to fit drawings for every state and Canada.  Requirements: IBM-Compatible, DOS V3.1 or higher, 640KB memory

LottoMATIC -- Lottery Tracking and Gaming Sof...    Online!   FAQ  Read about our up-coming and revolutionary new product Here!  Get up-to-date databases for your state's Lottery here! (Use them to track hot or cold numbers and identify patterns.)  You can also purchase a printed manual for LottoMATIC here.   Download LottoMATIC for FREE! There is No Charge for the software!  Sign our Guest Book and we'll keep you informed of news and updates!  We'll also let you know when LottoMATIC Online! is available for downloading! LottoMATICTM is a Lottery gaming and tracking program designed to enhance your lotto experience. Check out the Features Page for more details.

Lottonet, the best professional lotto software     The world's best and largest professional Lotto, Powerball, 6/49, Aptiva and KENO software package!

LottoNet Web Site    Shareware

LottoWin Home Page     Welcome to the LottoWin site! Take a closer look at the features of LottoWin and read what the press had to say. This site maintains monthly updates of lottery draws from most American, Canadian, Irish and UK lotteries in LottoWin downloadable databases which are freely available from our downloadable database archive.

LotWin Lottery Line Builder Home     Welcome to FutureSoft's  LOTWIN - Lottery Line Builder upto 25 Million Lottery Lines.  Total Control.   The computer program for any 6/35 to 6/54 Lottery  that puts YOU in Control!

Lucky Select Numbers     It's Free & Fun!  Quick Pick Graphic Random Number Generator To Help Pick Lottery Numbers For Any Lottery  Anywhere In The World! Never before has a web site been designed that can read the future   like Lucky Select Lotto! Stop guessing those numbers for Your State  Lottery and let this neat site use electronic web magic to pick   your lottery numbers! Please limit your visits per day so all can enjoy this fun site!  We estimate that over 2,000 browsers will visit this site per day!  It's Simple to Use  If you feel lucky right now, then select the appropriate boxes and press "Pick My Lottery Numbers NOW", but  remember that if you WIN your State Lottery then you will share your winnings with us....... yeah... get real!

MillionHeir Lottery Database     XS Software's Lottery Database programs are designed to provide quality interfaces that allow you to easily Maintain, Create and Evaluate your lottery database numbers and Picks.

New Lottery / Lotto Programs     New Lottery / Lotto Programs  - And Wheeling Systems Software -   New Windows Lottery Programs feature 58 Dialog Boxes, 30 Analytical Tools and well over 100 Screens of info! For Pick-3 through Pick-7 Lotteries with up to 2 Bonus/Powerball numbers. Includes All Lottery Files - for all Lottery States and 6 Canadian Lotteries.

Picker    Picker is a cute way of picking lottery numbers. Works with any lottery system in the world that involves balls being bounced around.   Unlike other lottery programs where the numbers are picked by a boring computer algorithm, picker does it differently. Picker gets the boring computer to simulate the behavior of a real lottery machine, drops balls into the virtual mechanism and you get to watch the numbers bouncing around and getting picked.

Powerball lottery software toolkit.     Currently Under Development  Powermachine 3.0 Progress Report   We're programming the new Powermachine 3.0 for use with  Windows 95 andWindows 98, both 32bit operating systems.  Version 3.0 is being re-engineered from the ground up.

Ron Dressers Lottery Picker     Free in browser lottery picker.

SPN UK Lottery Generator '98     Free lottery number generator.

Steve Karas and Associates Home of Golden Book     Sportsbook, Lottery and Parlay software.

The Lotto Factory - Software tools    Aureole Electronic Research has for the last 8 years produced Australia's best selling lotto software. During this time we have helped many people to win and win big. How? We highly value the comments, suggestions and ideas made by our customers. Thanks to their input the Lotto Factory program has progressed to the professional world-class software it is today. So as a result you can expect to find the Lotto Factory packed with all the winning tools the lotto player requires.

U.Mutlu    Lotto Statistics / Analysis / Past Draw Files

UK Lottery Analyser     I have designed this web page so that you download a program I recently wrote in turbo c++ called The Analyzer. It's main purpose is to help you choose those winning U.K lottery numbers.   •This version is fully operable for Saturday's National lottery.   •If you register you get Wednesday's and the national daily numbers game (49s) features. With these features you boost your chance of winning.  •The bets for the (49s) game can be placed in any bookies, all over England.  I find that using the Analyzer for this game gives you a far greater chance of picking 3 winning numbers.   •You choose 3 winning numbers out of (6 from 49) , and a £2.00 stake will return you £1,022 For more Info, go to the web site:    www.ladbrokes.co.uk .  

VersaBet Lottery Software    Eliminate Guesswork!VersaBet lottery software allows you to play with control instead of guesswork. Advanced features help you make informed choices when selecting numbers to play in your next game.Develop A Winning Strategy!Use VersaBet's multiple analysis to develop a systematic approach to your game, and a pattern of play that leads to consistent results. Uncover hidden patterns and trends in your lottery game.Power and Versatility!VersaBet combines sophisticated database management with powerful statistical analysis to easily control every aspect of your lottery play. Multiple analysis features let you examine any part of any game history for patterns and trends, and receive detailed on-screen and printed reports.

WebEstate    Welcome to the WebEstate New York State Lottery Site  We have all the winning numbers for Lotto, Take 5 and Pick 10, Daily Numbers, and Win-4. You can view the current and previous years results, and get reports/stats on your numbers.  Each of the games have their own web message board that you may use to discuss the games.  Please use this website like Share-Ware, that is, if you find it of good use and you really like what the programs do, make a contribution!

Welcome to the Entertainment-On-Line Website!     Try the new Lottery Tracker & Wheeler software by downloading a FREE evaluation copy today! Learn about the Power Player Club and the amazing benefits of membership! And don’t forget to stop by the Virtual Lottery Store for the latest lottery gifts! Use the links on the left to learn how Entertainment-On-Line can make you a Winner! And current LTWPPE owners, don't forget to Register your copy today!

Win the Lottery with Digital Lotto Prophet     (Thank you for your interest in Digital Lotto Prophet. Due to changes in U.S. lottery games, we are temporarily not taking orders for this software. We appreciate your business and will be back on-line soon.)


Pick-a-Winner random or database,graph winning ##s

Extended Package Description:

Easy to setup for all types of lotto/powerball games.
Create databases to record winning numbers from previous draws.

Shows count of how many times each number has been drawn or 
last drawn. These are displayed in both grid and graph form. 
Sorted or unsorted.

With Pick-a-Winner random number generator.
Also picks numbers from range you specify from previous winning 
numbers in the Database.

Extract Records for any period from database.
Investment Tracker keeps track of winnings and costs.
Match Winning Numbers checks against those in database.
Select All numbers in lotto and puts into entry forms.

Excellent On-Line Help guides you through each program feature.

Changes: Picks from any range within the database. Added Powerball.

Requirements: Windows 3.x or Win 9x - VBRUN300.DLL.

World Wide Visual Lotto. Lottery Software    Lottery Software for   Windows  95 ®  or greater  If you believe that visibility is the key to Lotto success, then   you have come to the right place. Take a tour and check out  the Sample Screens. Don't forget your free Demo Software.

Xanatos Enterprises Worldwide     XANATOS Enterprises Worldwide  JavaScript Lottery Number Generator   Note to users: First, remember that these are for entertainment purposes only (we have to say that). Second, this only works on Netscape Navigator 3.0 and above, and Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.