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Big Texas Bob's Gambling Theories    Money Management begins with a decision about how much to bring with you to the casino.

Money Management for Serious Bettors     Advanced Money Management System For the Serious Bettor   For All Forms of Pari-Mutuel Wagering - Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Harness and Dog Racing   The Due Dutch Money Manager  

What is the Due Dutch Money Manager?    It is the first and only Computer Program that combines the DUE * and the DUTCH ** betting methods.    With it you can set the amount you want to win on a race and then bet as many as 4 contenders in the race to win the targeted amount.  Originally available only on a 3.5 inch floppy disk.   It has also been newly  implemented on a Pocket Computer  ....  3/4 inch thick x 5 3/4 inches wide x 2 3/4 inches deep.  Fits nicely into a shirt pocket. Powered by inexpensive long life lithium batteries. It is the perfect weapon to add to your betting arsenal.   Ideal for the wide open races.  Helps you maintain your betting plan.   Don't leave home for the track without it.


The Gamblers Guide to Sports and Casino Gambling   

Gamblers or prospective gamblers beware! Most gambling hype you read, see, or hear in regard to betting sports is misinformed, erroneous or simply designed to take your money before you even place a bet. Our approach is different as we will attempt to teach you how to make your own selections with a good chance of winning over the season. In order to be successful sports bettor, you have to have skills in money management, play selection, a good attitude, and reasonable expectations as to what you can expect to win if you are successful. Let me give you a method of money management as an eye opener:

Win and Walk: A Step-by-step Approach to Casino Gambling Using the Minty Method    This easy-to-read book shows you how to maintain a disciplined approach, identify the rhythm of luck, and employ winning strategies when gambling. You'll also learn the most important component of successful casino gambling - Money Management.

Win and Walk: A Step-by-step Approach to Casino Gambling Using the Minty Method by Bill Minty and Sons With Michael Blum  & Edie Bard Blum $19.95 plus S&H ISBN: 1-887750-85-1 Soft Cover   131 Pages