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Dog Racing - Adoption


Adopt a Greyhound     Welcome!  The Greyhound Project would like to show you how retired racing Greyhounds become wonderful pets.  Please take our tour, learn  a bit more about them, then see where you can adopt one.

Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta    In any sport, when an athlete is no longer competitive, he or she goes on to coaching, broadcasting or retirement, enjoying the rewards of a successful career. But in the sport of greyhound racing, a dog that loses too many races is killed or given to medical research. That's quite a reward for giving your best, isn't it?  Greyhounds hunt by sight and are one of the oldest breeds known to man, appearing in ancient Greece and Rome. A lively and colorful history has followed them through the ages  in the British Isles, Europe and Africa. They first came to America to help alleviate the jackrabbit problem in the Midwest, thereby preventing crop destruction. The invention of the mechanical lure in the early 1900's was the catalyst for the birth of oval track greyhound racing in America. Largely because of pari-mutuel betting, Greyhound Racing has become the sixth largest spectator sport in America. The vision of strength and economy of motion as a greyhound runs is a thrill to see. They are elegant and awesome in their single-minded pursuit of the lure. But the image of these exquisite animals during chase does nothing to prepare you for their true nature. They are a friendly, loyal and obedient breed.   Strict breeding practices ensure that aggressive tendencies are bred out. What remains is a gentle creature whose only ambition after becoming your pet is to please you. Being raised in the company of many other dogs and also being handled by many different people are practices which have a marked effect on the attitudes of a racing greyhound. They coexist peacefully with other breeds because they will  usually walk away from conflict rather than fight and they are very people-oriented, wanting nothing more than to be with you. Although the life expectancy of a greyhound is 12 or more years, the racing greyhounds seldom live longer than 6 years because of track restrictions. Many tracks have mandatory retirement at age 5, but most dogs are destroyed much sooner due to lack of competitiveness. Because there are no limits on breeding practices for racing dogs, many breeders overproduce, select the fastest dogs, then destroy the rest. This is where Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta comes in. Our mission is to take every opportunity to educate society about the industry's use of euthanasia as a solution to the problem of overbreeding in racing greyhounds, and dispel any misconceptions about the nature of the dogs by introducing them to the public.  Greyhounds for adoption are available through our organization. They are purebred dogs whose bloodlines are carefully maintained by the National Greyhound Association and who would otherwise be destroyed by the same industry that the greyhounds themselves maintain.  When you adopt an ex-racer, you not only provide yourself with an excellent companion and a loyal friend, but you give a beautiful animal a chance to live.

Adopt A Greyhound from Hollydogs Adoption     1600 S. Dixie Highway  Hollywood, FL 33020 Phone: (954) 925-7758   Fax: (954) 920-7305  Hollydogs Online Conference and Message Base / hollydogs@aol.com

Adventures in Greyhound Rescues     This Web Page is Dedicated to the Rescue and Adoption of Abused Greyhounds.

Fast Friends Web Page     Welcome to FastFriends, the web page of Greyhound Pets of America in the Orange County-Los Angeles County area. If you're looking into adoption, read the Quick Start Guide and Why Adopt From Us? articles below. New on This Site lets you see what's been added since your last visit. The icons lead to a wealth of information for those considering adoption and for those already hooked.

Greyhound Adoption Service     Greyhound Adoption Service, Inc. of Salisbury, Massachusetts is a non-profit humane organization dedicated to finding loving, responsible homes for both retired racing greyhounds that can no longer compete and for young greyhounds not placed on the racetrack. Our aim is to let the public know what excellent, loving pets these noble dogs make. Greyhound Adoption Service is operated totally by volunteers and depends on fundraising and donations for its operating expenses. Our small stalwart band of volunteers is responsible for the placement of hundreds of greyhounds.  The web site is one of the tools Greyhound Adoption Service uses to educate you, to encourage you to adopt greyhounds and to ask for your support. About Our Greyhounds  Before placement, greyhounds adopted from Greyhound Adoption Service receive a veterinary exam, heartworm test, rabies shot, distemper/parvo inoculation, routine worming, flea dip and are spayed or neutered. All dogs have a health certificate, Greyhound Adoption Service ID tag, and a new collar and matching leash. The fee for adoption is a non-refundable $175 payable at the time of placement to help cover expenses.  Greyhound Adoption Service makes a special effort to place the right dog with the right family or person.  For an appointment, call the kennel.

Greyhound Friends    Greyhound Friends Inc. located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, is a small non-profit organization dedicated to saving racetrack greyhounds and placing them in responsible loving homes. Greyhounds passing through the shelter of Greyhound Friends have gentle dispositions and make wonderful companions. Since its inception in 1983, Greyhound Friends has found homes for more than 6000 dogs. Please look at some of the wonderful dogs currently available for adoption.   Greyhound Friends maintains a kennel for twenty greyhounds. As soon as a dog is adopted another one comes in from a racing kennel. Dogs who come to us are groomed, treated medically, fed and cared for as time permits. Most respond immediately to kind treatment and are readied for adoption in just a few days. Greyhound Friends relies on our volunteers who help with all aspects of the work. You can also support Greyhound Friends by becoming a member. Throughout history, Greyhounds were the pets, hunting dogs and friends of the ancient Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks and the Medieval European aristocracy. It is only recently that they have been used in the gambling world for racing and are often destroyed as soon as their money-making capabilities are finished.   Greyhound Friends is supported by people who have adopted greyhounds, other individuals interested in our work, and foundations who contribute to animal welfare. Greyhound Friends recently received some financial help from the Westminster Kennel Club in New York and was placed on their referral list. Contributions to the work of Greyhound Friends are tax deductible. Our IRS authorization number is 22-2624136. Greyhound Friends publishes a quarterly newsletter called "The Home Stretch". If you would like to be on Greyhound Friends' mailing list please let us know (be sure to include your regular mailing address). Greyhound Friends also makes available T-shirts, blankets, collars and many other greyhound related products that may be purchased via our online Greyhound Accessories Catalog. Greyhound Friends participates in many community activities and other events on a regular basis. We hope that you might be able to join us at one of our events. Folks (in the New England area) who are interested in the adoption program are encouraged to visit our location in Hopkinton, MA. A map may be printed for your convenience.

Greyhound Pets Inc.     Greyhound Pets Inc. is a non profit organization established in 1985. The sole purpose for GPI is to find homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds. As such we have found homes for more than 2,500 of these delightful creatures. This home page is presented in an effort to educate the public about what great creatures these dogs are and to inform you of how you can adopt a Greyhound of your own.

Greyhound Pets of America, Largo Florida Home    Greyhound Pets of America   Largo Chapter 12286 Mallory Drive, Largo, Florida 33774   Covering the Tampa Bay area of Florida  Voice/Fax (813) 595-7852  email-gpalargofl@aol.com  

Greyhound Pets of America/California     Greyhound Pets of America  California Adoption Center San Diego County, California  Post Office Box 2433  La Mesa, California 91943-2433   (619) 443-0940

Greyhounds Galore Homepage Save-a-Life    Save a Life...Make a Friend  Adopt a Retired Racing Greyhound   "Greyhounds Galore "...Macon, Georgia  Welcome to Greyhounds Galore  Have you been considering adopting a former racing greyhound? Would you just like to know more about them? We have some great pictures and a lot of information.

KC REGAP Retired Greyhounds As Pets      Kansas City.

Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue     Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue.It's a way of life... for the   Greyhounds.   Lake Erie Greyhound Rescue was incorporated on December 3, 1996 and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  LEGR's officers, volunteers and foster homes are all unpaid volunteers and more volunteers are always needed.  Our primary area of operation is northern Ohio.    LEGR's main purposes are to promote and facilitate adoption of Greyhounds when their racing careers end, and to educate the public about Greyhounds and what wonderful companions they are. Prior to adoption, all of our dogs are spayed or neutered, bathed with a flea shampoo, wormed, heartworm tested, vaccinated, and have their teeth cleaned. Between the track and their new homes, they live in foster homes where caring volunteers help them learn the facts of home life such as stairs, windows, mirrors, sliding glass doors, etc., and in turn become familiar with the personality of each dog. We attempt to match dogs to the lifestyles of prospective adopters as much as possible (e.g., placing cat-safe dogs in permanent homes with cats).   At the present time, our only regular income is adoption fees, which cover the basic veterinary care each dog receives, but not the many incidental expenses involved in animal rescue and adoption (telephone, liability insurance, postage, photocopying, etc.)  Donations are always needed and greatly appreciated (and are tax-deductible).

Michigan Greyhound Connection     To Adopt a Retired Racing Greyhound  Michigan Greyhound Connection is committed to finding the best possible homes for our greyhounds. We are based in southeast Michigan, but we place dogs throughout the state of Michigan, and in several other surrounding states.   Like any other breed of dog, a greyhound may not be for everyone, and may not fit into everyone's lifestyle. We're sure you understand that we want only the best for our dogs and for their adoptive families. We have a lot of experience in placing greyhounds and feel that our fairly strict adoption requirements will help ensure that both greyhound and family will be happy.  If you are interested in adopting a greyhound, please write or call for an application. We will mail you the application along with a more detailed information sheet regarding retired racing greyhounds. We look forward to hearing from you soon. If you cannot adopt a greyhound, but still would like to help, there are several other things you can do. Most importantly, help spread the word.  Tell your friends about Michigan Greyhound Connection and the plight of the retired racing greyhound. As we are a not-for-profit organization, any donations of money supplies or time will be gladly accepted. We have expenses for transportation, postage and Veterinary services. Volunteers can always be used in helping transport dogs; making phone calls and developing promotional materials.  Thank you again for taking the time to learn more about these fine dogs. Only through public knowledge can we hope to generate more homes for this fabulous pet-- The Retired Racing Greyhound.

Niagara Greyhound Adoption     Niagara Greyhound Adoption Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding loving homes for ex-racing greyhound whose racing careers have finished. We adopt greyhounds in the Southern Ontario region (from London to Toronto and in the Niagara Region.) One of our goals is to educate the public about greyhounds. Unlike their race horse cousins, greyhounds are calm and very affectionate animals. Due to short hair and low body fat, they are indoor pets. This makes them great companions for families, and the elderly.

Ohio Greyhound Placement, Inc.    Ohio Greyhound Placement, Inc.  Greyhounds are dogdom's best-kept secret! Intelligent, calm, and loving dogs, greyhounds adapt quickly from track life to home life  and become valued members of many households, providing years of love and companionship.

Support Greyhound Adoption     Support Greyhound Adoption  Let them run for fun...not for their lives  These magnificent creatures have been with us since history has been recorded, relatively unchanged through time, owned by pharo's and kings, the first canines to visit the New World, companions to the ancient Greek Gods and have served in battle alongside such warriors as Napoleon, King Edward and Custer. If we are desirous of perpetuating this magnificent creature, we, the racing industry, general public, adoption agencies and our legislative bodies must form a coalition capable of producing resources to manage that project from cradle to grave.  A CO-OP (coming from the root "cooperation") if you will, carefully planning, managing, controlling, monitoring, and enforcing specific guidelines. This co-op can not exist through constant offensive and defensive posturing, but must be bonded through knowledge of and focus on the Greyhound itself.

USA Defenders of Greyhounds     Here, you'll find out about Retired Racing Greyhounds.  •as the remarkable creatures they are, •as the victims of some shameful practices, and •as the photogenic companions to the rest of us, now doing their racing through our hearts!  You will also find information about USA Defenders of Greyhounds, a multi-state, non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to finding homes for these wonderful creatures.

Virtual Greyhound     This guy is better known as "Good Boy Bud". He weighs 76 lbs.and is 4 years old!  Bud was rescued right off the track in Florida. A call went out over the local news in Tampa and Orlando and almost one hundred dogs (including Bud) who would have been destroyed were saved and placed in loving homes! Bud is the strong silent type. The only thing he does with any speed now is eat. He's quite content to watch the birds in the backyard while laying on his own pillow and blanket. Need a quiet, loving dog? Bud is virtually for you!  To virtually adopt "Bud", save his image and place it on your page.Add a link from his picture to: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/4937