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NFL Lines   Updated NFL Lines and odds as well as free NFL picks during the NFL season.

1-900 Sports and Entertainment Line!    Football/Baseball/Basketball/Hockey/Scores/Las Vegas Spreads   Daily Horoscopes-Soap Opera Updates -Sports Trivia-Stocks Quote  15 Minute Updates.

A Winner's Edge Sportsline     A Winner's Edge Sportsline is your link to the Pro Football world of sports and sports handicapping.

A.D.'S Insight Sports Service     The best in Pro & College Football Picks!
Order service today.  Only $125 for a full season.

Ace Football Picks.com - NFL and College Handicapping    Football handicapping for college and NFL. Football gamblers will improve their betting odds with this football handicapping page. Weekly and season memberships available.

Allfield     Welcome to Allfield, a revolutionary new approach to sports handicapping. Each day we automatically solicit opinions from 40,000 to 50,000 sports experts throughout the world. By way of their considered advice, we arrive at a consensus opinion on all the action; football, basketball, hockey, baseball, college and pro.

American Workingman's Sports Page    Your source for the best picks on the net and beyond.  Free picks for the NFL season, featuring lefty's quality, not quantity, picks.

BA$H = CA$H    What do you want from a sport handicapping service? How about accurate inside information that provides winning selections consistently. I have spent 10 years coaching college basketball including Two trips to the N.C.A.A. "Final Tour". I am the only coach in N.C.A.A. history to take 2 different teams to the N.C.A.A. "Final Tour" in a three year period. Nobody in this industry has the contacts and inside connections that I have. I have dominated for the last 10 years on national television's "The Sports Advisors", "Football Forecast", "Early Action" and "Football Forum" with the best winning percentage every year, outperforming my panel members Jack Price, Stu Feiner and Kevin Duffy.

BabesPicks.com - NFL and College Handicapping      Welcome to BabesPicks, THE most exciting, accurate and sexy NFL and College Football handicapping service on the web! Last season I was 74% with college picks and 73% with the NFL. With the break even at 52.5% most of my customers came out way ahead of the game.

Bagger's Best Bets     Who wants to make some REAL $$$$$$ this year on Pro Football? We all do, but we don't all have the dedication, time, contacts, experience & skill to go along with a proven track record to consistently win, week after profitable week. The average man cannot do it alone, but the average man also cannot pay some self-hyping clown claiming to give 90% winners $500 per week either. This is why you are here, for a solution, an affordable alternative: Bagger's Best Bets.

Ball Control - Pro Football Picks - Handicapping     Free picks. Accurate Handicapping of NFL Pro Football - over thirty years Experience - best plays only - Sides and totals.  Expert analysis every week of player positions and team matchups. We take pride in our picks.

BestNet Sports - Providing Handicapping    Handicapping service. A Leading Provider of Sports Wagering   Information On The Net Since 1997   Are you a sports fan?  Are you a serious or recreational gambler?  Are you looking for the best links to MLB, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, NFL and NHL information?  Are you looking for an honest handicapping service in an industry made up mostly of thieves?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the sports service for you ! We offer email membership services starting at less than $1.00 a day.  Our current BestNet Sports Special is a 10 Day Free Trial Membership.

BETNFL.Com    Free NFL picks.

Big Louie's Free Pics - sports gambling handicapping     Free picks. Handicapping service. We offer a variety of selections on baseball, basketball, football and hockey.  The free pick page usually has one to five, 1 star selections posted.  These are games that we feel have a slight advantage on our side.  Our Free Pic page is up +54.20 units from December 13. 1996 to November 30,1997. First year on the net up +54 units on the Free page.  Go to monthly results to see each month. We hope you enjoy the site and let us know your comments.  Good Luck and see ya later.

Bob Sharppe Sports.com     Free picks.With so many other pick sites on the 'net, it is difficult to find a handicapping service which has honest, talented people looking out for their client's best interest.  Since 1993 Bob Sharppe Sports has provided an honest, consistently winning service for point spread players in Football, Baseball & Basketball.  Bob Sharppe Sports puts it's clients at the top of the list... without your business, Bob Sharppe has no business.

Bookiebusters     Bookiebusters is the latest in Total Entertainment and Football Handicapping. Each week our team of professional handicappers will be bringing you the best free football picks that you can find anywhere on the web. Our staff as a whole brings over 50 years of handicapping experience right to your fingertips.Yes it's that easy!! Each week we inform you of our personal picks and also invite you to keep track of our computer generated information. Only you can be the Judge and Jury on how fantastic our site actually is so we invite you to bookmark our page and visit us each week for our Free Selections on all your favorite teams.

Bookies Nightmare            Handicapping service. We pick winners for NBA, NFL, NCAA Football & Major League Baseball.

BrianHood's Bookies Hell Page NFL scores links     Brian's (brianhOOd) objective is to "Rob from the Books and Give to the Poor". Our team of handicapper's are Doctors, Accountants and Computer Wizards. Our site is Free and it is quality. A 4-ACES Rated Site by Rolling Good Times, we have won the Top 10 Award 10 times and RGT says "Bookie's Hell is a masterpiece!".

Cappers Access Free Football,Baseball,and Basketball Picks    Handicapping information.

Carolina Sports     Michael Blakes Sports Network Brings You Top Selections In Football & Basketball.

Cheshire Sports Consultants     For more than 18 years, the handicappers at the Cheshire Sports Consultants have been providing key sports information to the "high rollers" of football wagering. We have been catering to the aggressive fan, usually betting in the three to four figure range. After seeing all of the handicapping losers on the television, in papers and on the "net", we had to open our service to the general public who are being taken advantage of by these unscrupulous services that give you junk for info and then harass you for more and more money!

CLH Productions             Free NFL picks.

Compton's                 Free football picks.

CompuPick    CompuPick is a state of the art NFL handicapping system based on Artificial Intelligence that threatens to revolutionize football handicapping and bookmaking as we know it. It was built using a Neural Network, the same technology that Fidelity Investments uses for stock selection in one of its top-performing mutual funds.

Crown Club's Home Page     Sports handicapping for serious players.  Join The Crown Club for baseball and football!  The Crown Club is ready for the upcoming football season and has been doing well in baseball. Year after year, we've done very well in football as well as in baseball.  The Crown Club was established to gather sports information, to combine it with some of the best handicapping available, and to provide its members with all the knowledge necessary for success in sports wagering.

Crowne Club    A Total service supporting Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey.

CyberSpace Wiseguys - The #1 Documented    Last Season The CyberSpace Wiseguys destroyed Bookmakers During The Pro & College Football Regular Season  By Winning An Incredible Documented 128 Net STARS (80-58 58%)!

Dakota Gold Football Handicapping  Service    What Dakota Gold will do is provide you with solid handicapping advice combined with a responsible money management sytem that will make you a winner this season. Combining fundamental, technical and situational handicapping analysis Dakota Gold has consistently provided its clients with winning seasons in both football and basketball. I am a sports handicapper not a salesman. You will be dealing with me, Gary Sobotka, not a staff of touts and high pressure salesmen.

Decisive Advantage Sports Handicapping    Power Ratings for Football Betting and Fantasy Football.

Doc's Sports Service. Handicapping     Doc's Enterprises Sports Service In the Sports Handicapping Business for 27 years!  Football * Basketball * Baseball * Off Shore * College * Pro   Watch This Site for Weekly Updates

Endzone Sports - NFL handicapping zone     Welcome to Endzone Sports' cyber-home, The Endzone. We offer our clients thoroughly researched NFL selections each week, relying on in-depth scrutiny of both recent and historical trends, gameday factors (i.e. weather, injuries, etc.), and our proprietary computerized statistical analysis. We will win you money!

Erik's Football Pick of the Week    Free football picks.

Fantasy Football sports statistics     Welcome to the Jock Spot, the premier internet site for sports stats analysis. Fantasy Sports enthusiasts can analyze stats based on their unique league scoring system in order to make better player trades and pickups. Fantasy League Commissioners can track their league's teams and produce weekly performance reports to help run their league. Sports Fans can use our Game Predictor to help with that perennial office pool.

Flick's Picks College Football Predictions         Free college football picks.

Football Handicapping Network - Gaming / Gambling    Featuring the "Pro Preview" our weekly publication for the serious NFL player. "Pro Preview" features write-ups and star rated predictions on Every regular season NFL game each week and an entertaining weekly review of the previous week with the objective of determining "did you have the right side?"  Our job is to get you on some winners and get you off losers. Our subscribers our educated, serious players. Every NFL player should have "Pro Preview" as a resource !

Football Information Systems    Handicapping service.

Football Picks from Eastern Sports Grid Iron    Free picks, multi sports.

Footballjoe        Free NFL picks.

Former NFL All-Pro QB Dan Pastorini     Free picks. "Hi! I'm former NFL QB Dan Pastorini. I played in the NFL for 13 years, and I've been handicapping games for the last 7. No one knows sports better than a former pro. That's what gives me an edge over the Las Vegas books!"

Free Daily Picks                     Free Football picks.

Free Football Picks             Free football picks.

Free Football Picks--Free Basketball Picks    Free picks. Welcome to Supreme Sports Information sports gambling website.If you are tired of losing money every week give us  a try. We have access to the latest and most accurate gambling information. Everyday our associates sift through the information to bring our members the best chance possible of winning. 

Free Football picks from Grid Iron Gold    "One of the nations most respected veteran handicappers", and the Grid Iron Gold staff of winning handicappers.  Free football picks from the Grid Iron Gold Sheet newsletter.

Free Football Picks from The Gold Sheet     Free football picks. Handicapping newsletter.

Gambler's Only         Handicapping service, football.

Game-Time Sports Inc. - Sports Service     Free picks. Sports Service  Football, Basketball, Baseball,Hockey, Boxing & Horseracing.

Garddog's NFL Lines and Picks         Free NFL picks.

Green Page Sports     Welcome to the the Green Pages!  Your source for the most comprehensive football analysis and handicapping information for...  •NFL Football •College Football •Pro and College Hoops

Grid Iron Gold, East    "One of the nations most respected veteran handicappers",  and the Grid Iron Gold staff of winning handicappers.  Free football picks from the Grid Iron Gold Sheet newsletter.

Hammer Sports for  NBA, NCAA, NFL, and MLB    Join Hammer Sports today! We are providing quality football picks to our clients. All selections are based upon strong handicapping fundamentals and complete analysis. We offer a guarantee that if you don't win, you get the next day for free!

Happy Gilmore - NFL Picks     Free NFL picks.

Inside Edge            Handicapping service, football.

J&J Premiere Handicapping Service    You have already taken the first step in becoming a winning gambler. We have noticed the need for accurate handicapping at a reasonable price. I think that you will find that we can provide you with a high percentage of winning picks for a price that is much more affordable than other services are offering. At this time we are specializing in college and professional football. We will be expanding to give service for other sports as well, but for now we are focusing our efforts on bringing you the very best in football picks.

Jack Kay:  The bookie buster     Handicapping service. Every handicapping service says that they have the perfect system, or give you inside information.  Let's face it. There are no systems and no person has inside information for every Pro football game.

Joeker's Sports Picks - football, handicapping     Handicapping service.

JW Sports--The Best Handicappers on the Net     Currently Under Construction--  Check back with us before the Kickoff Classic  for the best football handicapping on the Internet!

Linemaker On Line     "Jim the Bookies"     INTERNET WORLD of SPORTS HANDICAPPING   "This is not GAME software, this is WINNING the GAMES DOS software."  A comprehensive look at handicapping professional sports using Linemaker tm Software.   Pro Sports coverage includes: Pro & Canadian Football, Pro & Women's Basketball

Marathon's NFL handicapping - A football handicapping site that produces winners now - $60.00 season cost     Welcome to Marathon's NFL handicapping. We do not have a lot of 'fluff' on this site - No articles, no player profiles, no quick tips, and no 'locks'. What we have, is a straight-forward package, supplying information that the experienced as well as the novice handicapper can use to get an edge in today's tough gaming environment. Established in 1982 (our 4th year on the web), Marathon Software has been making winners out of its customers for 17 years. Each week of the NFL season, through extensive research, we supply stats; trends; predictions and expert game analysis with Ace's Picks - all combined with our Pik'em program to give the edge needed to beat your 'man', or lead the office pool.

Midwest Sports Consultants     A Professional, Ethical, Alternative to Football Handicapping.

Mike Neri Sports    The Mike Neri Sports Information Center is your one stop sports handicapping website. We are gearing up for the football season to give you all the information you will need to win! During the summer months make sure you check out the Best Bets page, for winning selections and unique trends on the days action.

Msal55ny             Free football picks.

National Sports Services - Index     Jim’s gone crazy - and just in time for Football Season!! Jim has put together Three ultimate football packages at unheard of discounted prices to give you the "Winning" edge this football season - a perfect combination of essentials for the avid football fan!! Check out Jim's special offers to receive his Pro Football Annual, College Football Annual plus Jim and Kelso Sturgeon's book "The Complete Guide to Football Betting" and it’s companion tape series. Order them separately or all together.

Nelly's Sportsline     Free picks. Handicappers of Professional & College
Football & Basketball.

New Wave Sports Consulting     Welcome to New Wave Sports Consulting. The goal of this site is to provide people with free selections. In basketball and football, I have a statistical formula, that creates a power rating system. These plays are what I use for my free selections.

NFL Football: Sports Betting; Pro Picks    Handicapping service.

NFL Handicappers Corner     Brought to you by JimsQuest Office Football Pools

NFL Unlimited.com Football Picks     Free picks. Handicapping service. This Is The Place for Football Betting!   •Weekly Football Picks for NFL & College •Football Betting & Handicapping Information •Football Trends & Angles Analysis •Handicapping Strategies & Techniques •Fantasy Football Rankings and Draft Strategies.

NFL Unlimited.com Football Picks & football betting   Is the premiere site on the net to get intelligent handicapping information to improve your football betting strategies.

Overated Football            Free football picks.

Pacific Analytical Sports    Handicapping service, football.

Pigskin Sports     Handicapping service, football.

Pregamepicks Newsletter     Free football newsletter.

Prinz' Pro Prospects     Prinz' Pro Prospects  Football.

Pro Football Handicapper     Pro Football Handicapper

Pro Football Point Spread Picks, NFL Handicapping     Pro Football Picks   Weekly, by E-mail, FAX, or Phone    Bet & Beat the NFL for Real Profits.

PsychoBetting: NFL Football Handicapping     P$YCHO BETTING is a handicapping service which places it’s primary emphasis on sports psychology, and the other intangibles, associated with NFL Football. Before we make our final selections we take an extra close look at factors such as team morale, team conflicts, team distractions........as well as injuries, line changes, weather, etc.

Red Zone Sports Picks         Free NFL picks.

Rick J's Neural Picks            Free baseball and football picks.

RJ's football picks         Free picks.

RobWins    Your football only sports consultant. The Winning starts here.  RobWins Offers:  •Consistent Winners at A Reasonable Price •Your Own Sports Consultanting Service •A Guarantee on Game Selections •Over 11 Years Experience in Analyzing Pointspreads

Robbo's Pro-Stat Connection    Free picks. The staff @ the Pro Stat Connection believes that the key to successful football wagering lies in a timely blend of the most current information available and the historical pointspread covering tendencies of the two teams in question. We combine all of this information together in creating the First Class products that we vend to our customers. Most services would charge you a huge amount for this precious information and require you to commit to a long-term subscription. At ROBBO.COM, you can purchase our picks each week and there is no long-term obligation or catch.

Sage Computing Football Picks     Free football picks.

Smitty's Selections      Sports Handicapping   College and Professional Football and Basketball

Sports     Sports Handicapping  Free Football Picks

Sports Analytics Web Site Update     Sports Analytics provides you with top notch NFL handicapping and informative analysis.  Sports Analytics weekly picks are the product of both powerful statistical models and careful fundamental analysis of the teams involved, giving you the winning edge.  Last year our record was 80-66 for the NFL season.

Sports Betting, Free Picks, Sports Wagering and more   More than free picks, sports betting, handicapping and football picks. We endeavor for sports wagering from the heart...

Sports Handicapping Free Picks    Free picks. Handicapping service.The most affordable sports handicapping service on the internet  Welcome to Bettors Choice  Welcome to the most affordable sports handicapping service on the internet. We here at Bettors Choice know that you can not make money if you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a sports handicapping service. That's why we offer you several different packages starting at $25 dollars a month for NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NFL Football, and NBA Basketball. We offer yearly packages starting at only $119. Don't delay! E-mail today for more information!!! E-mail jrausch@ecsis.net

Sports Swami - Sports Handicapper for NFL, NBA     The Sports Handicapper for the Sports Gambler who wants to WIN!

SportsChat! - Interactive Chat System     SportsChat! TM,  Online SportsBar! BackpackChat! BaseballChat! BikeChat! ClimbingChat! FootballChat! GolfChat! HockeyChat! HoopsChat! NASCARChat! OlympicsChat! RunChat! ScubaChat! SoccerChat! SnowSkiChat! SwimChat! TennisChat! TriathlonChat! WaterSkiChat!

Sportspicks's Home Page         Free NFL picks.

Steam Sheet    Steam Sheet  The only Football Newsletter You'll Ever Need.

SuaveSports     Free NFL Picks.

Sunshine Forecast Football Handicapping Newsletter       Football handicapping newsletter.

Taps    Win at Horse-Racing, Football Pools, Fixed-Odds, Sports Betting, Greyhounds and the Lottery!

The Edge     "Winners since 1982...Statistical computerized racing selections from one of the Nation's Top Sports Handicappers...Daily preferred selections for Racetracks across the country...Winner of 8 National Handicapping Championships including Football, Basketball and Thoroughbred Horse Racing!"

The Football Sick-Bay -- Injuries Make Or Break    What's most important to win? Ask yourself this... If you could know one thing about a team before placing a bet what would it be? What is the single most important aspect of a teams success? The injury report! This is what our service is all about...the health or lack thereof with a particular game and team. It's obvious when a key player is in street-clothes on the sidelines, but more importantly to the success of a team are the "walking wounded". What you really need to know is who's playing hurt and how bad! Our handicapping team includes medical doctors who can give the straight scoop on injuries and what they mean. We compile and accurate and indepth injury report and have the doctors evaluate them, giving their opinion about a players fitness and limitations. Applying all of the teams individual limitations, we can come up with a rating for that team.

The Money Man - Expert NFL Handicapping Service    The Money Man - Expert NFL Handicapping Service    We have an absolutely outstanding record of NFL predictions against the spread.  We are The Money Men, and will put $$$$$$$ in your pocket.

The NFL Handicappers Corner     Brought to you by JimsQuest Office Football Pools

The Prognosticator     Business description: Football picks.  Our motto:Your bankroll is our business!

The Sports Exchange: Free Baseball, Football     Free picks. Handicapping service.

The Sports Exchange: Free Baseball, Football Picks    Free picks. Handicapping service.   

The statman NFL picks stats odds scores     NFL Stats, Odds, Scores, News, Picks and more..

Tin Cup Sports    We offer great handicapping at a price catering to the average investor. We are now accepting clients for football. We have two different payment plans that cover both pro and college football. E-mail me above the sharc banner for details. We only expect payment if we win. If a losing month is had the next month is absolutely free. Let us know if your interested in our football service or baseball.

VIrtual Handicapping Network     Handicapping information, NFL.

WebLine Sports: The Leader in Sports    Welcome to Webline Sports The #1 Sports Handicapping Consultants on the Net! If your looking for winning Baseball, College football, NFL, NBA or College basketball picks, you came to the right place! We have one goal, to help win you money!

Where To Gamble    Sport Tips USA is an aggressive handicapping company dedicated to providing the sports gambler with the strongest power plays of the day. Our site is the only handicapping site that provides an on-going win/loss ratio, displaying our entire list of past picks for auditing purposes. We take great pride in our consistency for winning.. Sport Tips USA is open 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide winners for the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, Nascar AutoRacing, and every major Horse Race world wide.

Wizard Weygint's College Football Magic       Free college football picks.