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Hockey Software

All-Pro Software for Stats and Scheduling Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Hockey    StatTrak for Baseball (and softball) $39.95
StatTrak for Basketball $39.95
StatTrak for Hockey $39.95
StatTrak for Volleyball $39.95
StatTrak for Soccer $39.95
All-Pro League Scheduler $59.95
All-Pro Tournament Scheduler $59.95  

RJL    Sports Software and Stats

Sports Handicapping Software By PDS Sports     Software Products

The Couch Potato's Betting Guide     If you have ever dreamed of making that "big score" in sports wagering, things have just gotten a little easier for you. Introducing, The Couch Potato's Betting Guide. This guide provides you with historical statistical data (game scores, game spreads, and over/under) between any two Professional Hockey Teams, Professional American Football Teams, and Professional Canadian Football Teams. The data spans 3 years for Pro Hockey, 4 years for Pro American Football and 2 years for Pro Canadian Football.