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Tracks USA - Michigan

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Windsor Raceway    Michigan (Actually just across the border in Canada)    The track is located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Downtown Windsor is separated from downtown Detroit, Michigan by the Detroit River which is one mile wide. The Ambassador Bridge spans the river while the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel goes through it. Both carry thousands of cars and trucks daily. This international border crossing is the busiest in North America.  How to Contact Us  By Mail:  •Box 998, Windsor, Ontario N9A 6P6  •Box 44286, Detroit, Michigan 48244-0286  By Courier   •Highway 18 @ Sprucewood, Windsor, Ontario N9A 6P6   By E-mail    • youbet@wincom.net   By Telephone  •Windsor (519) 969-8311  •Detroit (313) 961-9545   By Fax   •(519) 969-0780